You are more and more interested in homemade e-liquids or DIY for connoisseurs. You have managed to correctly dose your nicotine level, and perfectly managed the dosage of aromas, but the PG/VG base remains an enigma for you, which one to choose? What ratio of PG/VG to use? We take stock together to choose the right base.

What is a base for e-liquid?

The DIY (Do It Yourself) allows you to make your homemade e-liquids at home. The base is the essential element of your preparation, it is neutral and brings no flavour. An E-liquid consists of a base PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), aromas and possibly nicotine boosters and for the most experienced additives (optional).

The proportions of these two components can vary according to your expectations and needs. You will find two types of bases on the market ready-to-use bases in the following dosages: 80/20; 70/30; 50/50. There may be others depending on the brand.

You will also find the packaging of PG alone and VG alone, in this case, it is up to you to mix and match to obtain the desired base. Here you will need a graduated syringe or a graduated container, which in the latter case is much less precise.

A good foundation is characterized by:

  • A neutral taste so as not to alter the flavours of your aromas
  • Absence of water and alcohol
  • transparent colour

What PG/VG dosage for your E-liquid?

PG, what is it? Propylene Glycol (PG): is a fluid compound, which brings a hit in the throat, in high doses, it can cause tingling in the throat, it is also a flavour enhancer and accentuates the perception of aromas and liquids.

VG, what is it? Vegetable Glycerin (VG): is a viscous and thick component that promotes the production of steam. It brings roundness and reduces the hit sensation in the throat and offers a soft and sweet finish.

If you are at your first attempt, it is ideally better to start with a pre-dosed base in 50/50. It is the ideal compromise between flavour and vapour.

To make the ideal choice, it is necessary to clearly define what you expect from your E-liquid, if you wish to find intense flavours and a pronounced hit, bet on a base more loaded with Propylene Glycol. On the other hand, if you are looking for steam, roundness and big clouds then Vegetable Glycerin will be your favourite.

When choosing your PG/VG dosage, be sure to take your equipment into account. Indeed, be aware that the coils designed to be used with low powers have small openings and are therefore quite suitable for fluid e-liquids (PG) while the coils designed for high powers have large openings quite suitable for e-liquids. thicker and viscous e-liquids (VG).

For example, an e-liquid with a high ratio of VG will wear out the small coils much more quickly.

Mix kits the alternative to DIY

If you have difficulty getting into DIY, if you find it all too complicated or too restrictive, you can opt for ready-made DIY kits.

The principle is very simple, just mix all the products contained in the box to obtain your E-liquid. These kits represent a good alternative between homemade e-liquid and ready-to-vape e-liquid.

It introduces you to the principle of mixing while allowing you to save money since these kits are much more affordable. 

Happy vaping everyone!