Any vaper who prepares his suitcase to travel to a foreign country asks himself the question: do I have the right to take my electronic cigarette to this country?

Ah… Have you ever asked yourself the question? It’s time to do it then because, in some countries, the vape does not always have the wind in its sails and can take you behind the bars of a prison… You will agree, there is more fun as a vacation.

An ideal tool for vapers-travellers

To help you in this process and leave with a clear mind, a tool that stands out is the website

On reading the first countries listed, the impression is all the same that good global legislation is frankly missing. From one country to another, vaping is fully authorized or, conversely, punishable by a prison sentence. Some play with the boundaries of human understanding by authorizing the vape but not the nicotine in e-liquids, others tolerate its use in the private sphere and prohibit it in public places…

In some countries, vaping is banned!

Some countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan have completely banned electronic cigarettes. It is therefore impossible to vape but also to buy e-liquid, resistors or a pyrex tube that would have broken on the plane that took you not without shock to a paradise island in Indonesia or aboard the crowded bus that you took when you arrived in Buenos Aires. Vigilance must be in order, the risks incurred to vape are sometimes considerable depending on the region of the world.

Recently, a French tourist saw her dream vacation in Thailand turn into a nightmare. Because of his electronic cigarette, banned in this country since 2014, he will have spent four days in a local prison for having refused to pay a “fine” of more than 1000 euros from hand to hand… If we can tell you avoiding this type of folkloric visit and baksheesh negotiation is better…

Go with peace of mind with your vaper (or not) 

Holidaymakers preparing to leave this summer will undoubtedly find all the best information on their destination country thanks to The curious will also discover, thanks to the work of Chris Price and Internet users who contribute to the development of the site, all the necessary information on the legislation, the tolerance (variable) or the sanctions provided by each country concerning vaping.

Are you going to Austria? Be careful, the vape is authorized but the sale is subject to a medical license.

Are you flying to Denmark? Vaping is allowed but if you vape without nicotine.

Heading to Greece? The information is vaguer, the government seems to officially ban electronic cigarettes but does not fight to enforce the ban.

You see, in Europe too it’s a mess. So be attentive to this question before closing your bag, a glance to check the legislation of the country where you are going is better than a confiscation, a fine or a weekend on half board (but in prison), during your vacation

Happy holidays and good clouds!