You know how to start your resistance and you have made your mark with vaping equipment for beginners. Now you want to use an electronic cigarette with adjustable power and you are wondering which power to choose for your resistance. Here is a short guide that will give you the answer and that will allow you to learn more about the characteristics of the different resistances that exist in the vape and the power to associate with them.

What is an electronic cigarette coil?

To know what power to use for a resistor, you must already understand how it works! A resistor is a small component found in all electronic cigarettes. It is she who will heat the e-liquid to vaporize it, that is to say, transform it into vapour. By passing from the liquid state to the gaseous state, the e-liquid can be inhaled by the vaper.

Resistance opposes the flow of the electric current produced by the battery of the e-cig. This is how it will heat up, via its resistive wire. The e-liquid contained in the tank of your electronic cigarette is attracted by capillarity by the fibre (usually cotton), contained in the resistance. It is for this reason that before any first use, it is advisable to start its resistance to soak the fibre well and prevent it from burning.

What does the value of the resistance of a clearomizer correspond to?

The resistance value is expressed in ohms and is calculated using Ohm’s law, named after the German physicist who invented it. The value of the resistor, R, depends on the magnitude of the current flowing through it, I, and the voltage across it, U. Thus, according to Ohm’s law, R = U / I.

Choosing the value of a resistor depends on your expectations. Here is how to choose the value of your resistor:

Resistance of less than one ohm:

If you want to make a maximum of vapour, opt for a low resistance of less than one ohm, to vape in sub-ohm. We prefer direct inhalation (DL for Direct Lungs) for the sub-ohm vape, that is to say, that we directly inhale the vapour which passes from the mouth to the lungs. The flavours may be a little less present with very low resistances, but the steam will be very abundant and very dense. This type of resistance consumes a lot of e-liquid and should preferably be used with High VG e-liquid (rich in vegetable glycerin).

Be careful, as a sub-ohm coil consumes a lot of e-liquid, vaping with a high nicotine dosage is a very bad idea! Already, it may make you cough because the hit will be too strong. Then you risk taking too much nicotine all at once. For the vape in sub-ohm , we choose e-liquid dosed in nicotine at 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml or 6 mg/ml. This type of resistance does not allow the use of e-liquid with nicotine salts intended for former heavy smokers.

Resistance of more than one ohm:

If what interests you is above all the taste experience linked to the vape, turn to the resistance of more than one ohm. The higher the value of the resistance, the less intense the vapour will be but the more the flavours will be more pronounced. Coils of more than one ohm are perfect for vaping in indirect inhaling (MTL for Mouth To Lungs) as is the case with a classic cigarette. It is for this reason that beginner vapers prefer to start vaping with fairly high resistances and a clearomizer with a reduced airflow, to have sensations close to those they had while smoking.

The choice of power according to the resistance

All clearomizers accept one or more types of resistors, with a precise range of resistor values. To find out which resistance you can use with your vape material, you must refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, the resistors include the mention of their value and the power range to be used. The lower the value of a resistor, the more power it will need.

Never use a coil that is not designed for your vape material! If the battery of your electronic cigarette is too powerful compared to the value of your resistance, you risk damaging your e-cig. Some boxes detect the resistance value and are equipped with a protection system in case of installation of a resistance that is not compatible or whose value is too low. If you use a mech mod, there is no protection. So be sure to use compatible resistors! All you have to do is find your sweet spot, the power that allows you to have the vapour/flavour/hit ratio of your dreams, for a vape that takes you straight to nirvana!