All vapers will be able to confirm it:  the choice of a battery is not a decision to be taken lightly! Essential to give life to the majority of boxes and mods, the batteries are the centrepiece of an electronic cigarette. These make it possible to deliver the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the electronic mod and more precisely of the chipset which will have the task of sending the power requested by the user.

To ensure good performance and to be sure not to neglect safety, we have all wondered what is the best 2021 battery? If the question is legitimate, the resulting answer is much less obvious than expected…

To guarantee you the best in the field of accumulators, we selected the safest and most efficient electronic cigarette batteries on the market. In terms of quality, you, therefore, have nothing to fear! However, there are a few key factors to consider.


The first criterion that will make you choose one battery over another will be the format! Manufacturers offer batteries in 18350, 18650, 20700, 21700 and even 26650 formats. The diameter varies, and the height changes… It is imperative to refer to the data provided by the manufacturer to find out which format to choose! 

Some e-cigarettes are versatile and can receive a 18650 or 20700 battery. On the contrary, the majority of electronic cigarettes will force you to make a choice. The majority of current boxes require the installation of one battery or two 18650 batteries. Refer to the information indicated on the box of your mod, look at the format indicated on our product sheets and you should not have any unpleasant surprises!


The second factor which will condition your choice will be the discharge current. This crucial element is to be analyzed with rigour, especially if you have the joy of owning a mechanical mod devoid of any security! This discharge current, indicated by the “A” on the batteries for the amps, gives you an indication of the resistance that can be installed in your clearomizer or atomizer. For example, it will be recommended to take a battery with a discharge current of 35A for a mechanical mod as well as for a sub-ohm resistance. A battery with only 20A will be preferred for resistances greater than 1 ohm. The battery will be less stressed and the amperage will not necessarily have to be high. But as the old saying goes: who can do less can do more!


Another important point is that of autonomy. Known as “mah”, milliamps will allow you to vape for longer or shorter. If you opt for 1100 mah battery, you will inevitably have less autonomy compared to a 3000 mah battery! To make the pleasure last you know what you have to do!


To the question: what is the best battery 2022? Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a single answer… All the batteries that we discussed meet drastic safety standards and will ensure you an intense vape. Of course, the safety rules that we have distilled through the guide: the precautions to take with the batteries of my electronic cigarette, must be followed scrupulously! Whether you opt for a Sony, MXJO, Samsung,  Yoss, Hohmtech,  Enovap or Vap Procell battery, it’s a safe bet that the pleasure that comes from vaping will not fade. Respect the rules, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers and everything will be fine. To your chargers!