Voopoo drag UK saleIn August 2015, the Department of Health of England recognized the electronic cigarette as a safer alternative to smoking. “Electronic Cigarettes: New Evidence” is a 113-page report that sums up the latest studies proving that e-liquid flavors are actually harmless and contrast with usual cigarettes and, reasonably, to tobacco products as they can also contain e-liquid nicotine. Shortly after the report publication, several scientists expressed doubts in the absolute harmlessness of cheap premium vape juice, so the report authors published an explanatory letter.

This report was very quickly supported by the 12 UK health organizations, confirming their intention to notify smokers and doctors about this “popular” remedy to quit smoking.

Clive Bates affirmed that the approval of Voopoo drag UK sale by the Royal College of Physicians in London in 2015 meant a new era in the history and opened the way to a liberal perception of vaping in England. The 200-page report published in the college concerns several key issues, regarding recent contradictions and misunderstandings, and clarifies the situation with electronic premium fruit juice brands, namely the:

Normalization of smoking

Ability to quit smoking

Safety of the best e-juice brands in comparison with other tobacco products.

The version of 2016 contains the results of observations based on 24 studies and effects; none of them revealed any negative effects of vaping within two years.

In January 2017, the Center for Dependence Research BC (CARBC) at the University of Victoria published a report combining a literary survey and a combined scientific study of vaping. Scientists at the University of Victoria find the results of comparative studies of smoking and vaping “very encouraging” in the context of reducing the harmful effects of tobacco.

What can we add to the research results?

Maybe, the fact that you will have vape juice brands without diacetyl while you buy vape juice online.