Vaping Vamps – the positive aspects of the brand

This brand of e-cigarettes is priced certainly lower than Vapor Couture. It is compatible with various third-party cartridges. Plain black style matches everything and spoils no design. Furthermore, the creators of the brand know women and what they need in their first e-cigarette.

That is why there was done a research. As we already emphasized, Vaping Vamps is the only e-cigarette brand. The popularity was gained quickly as it was created by women and for women.

Women don’t just want the best e-cig starter kits at the affordable prices. They want a brand they can trust that will fulfill its promises. They want to connect with other women who will help them make the upgrade to e-cigarettes.

There’s a very confusing range of e-cigarette products out there. That is why, there was made an effort to make it easy for women who are trying to find the best e-cigarettes and the best e-cigarette brand for them.

Women will definitely notice that the company doesn’t offer a huge line of products. They just offer products and flavors that they’ve tested and know will attract women, and especially vaping newcomers.

First, there were gathered a group of women smokers who were not familiar with vaping and asked them what they preferred. It was an informative time testing several different e-cigarette models as well as about 50 different e-cig flavors.

They only selected flavors that unanimously scored high points (whether they were liked or disliked). Some flavors sounded good, like chocolate and coffee, but they didn’t taste good. Instead they tasted more like burnt coffee.

As for cartomizers, they combine a cartridge and atomizer into one simple unit. There is evident less fuss. It is simpler to use. These cartomizers give you a greater amount of vapor and tons of delicious flavor. Each cartomizer provides you about 150 puffs identical to about 5-8 cigarettes.

Lightweight. Inexpensive. Environmentally friendly. What else can be expected?! Simply screw the cartomizer into the e-cigarette battery and you’re ready to start your vaping journey!