The Vandy Vape Gaur 21 Mod is among the most popular and extensively employed. The mod has been developed with modern technology, which makes it an extremely user-friendly device. It is equipped with a long battery life, which means that it can be used for quite a while. The device is a great choice for vapers because of its many great functions.

Vandy vape 21 Mod

Vandy Vape Gaur 21, also known as a YouTube reviewer, has 200W of power. This dual 21700 mod is also one of the slimmest models available. It is also fitted with numerous safety options.

Vandy Vape Gaur21 Mod is constructed from high-quality plastic. It’s waterproof, and it can be easily cleaned under running water. The device’s body is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic carbonate. The Type C port is integrated. It facilitates fast chargers for batteries.

This Vandy Vape Gaur 21 Mod can be used with 21700 and 18650 batteries. There is a myriad of customisation options. It can also be paired with the Vandy Vape app for firmware modifications. It also features a full-colour display.

It’s Gaur 21 Mod is powered by an up-to-date Vandy Chip, the same chip used by the Pulse 2 Squonk mod. The mod can also fire up to 200W it also comes with a temperature-management feature. It can be used with high-quality stainless steel wires.

Gaur 21 Mod Gaur 21 Mod is available in TPD as well as standard versions. TPD versions come with TPD versions with a Type C port as well as a full-colour display. Standard versions work the same way as the TPD versions.

Vandy’s mods are made from premium plastic and side panels of resin. The Vandy Vape Gaur 21 mod can be used with tanks that measure up to 28mm in diameter. It also features the gold-plated spring-loaded pin for 510.

Gaur 21 mod is available in 6 different colours. Gaur 21 mod comes in 6 colours. Its fire button is 1.5mm across and is indented to the middle. The door of the panel surrounds the button. Two magnets are attached to the back panel.

Vandy Vape Gaur 21 Mod is equipped with two 18650 batteries along with an instruction manual. Mod also includes two 18650 battery adapters. The battery door slides down the sides and is opened from either side. A warranty card is available.

Gaur 21 comes with a 21700 dual Vape Mod with a variety of safety features, as well as its sleek, sealed appearance. You can also use it using a wide range of different atomizers. The huge water-proof display screen can also be found.

The advantages of Vandy Vape Gaur Mod

Compared to other box mods, the Vandy Vape Gaur 21 is wider and deeper. Additionally, the mod is secured by an inner panel, which assists in keeping it from moving. It also makes it easier to connect the batteries. It is easy to grip because the doors for the batteries are elongated shape.

It’s the Vandy Vape Gaur 21 is built to be tough and light. It’s composed of magnesium alloy and aluminium. It’s designed with a C-frame and is also waterproof. The door for the battery is simple to slip into by sliding it over the side. It has three buttons for easy-to-use control. It’s also compatible with two 21700 batteries.

The Gaur 21 is a high-power mode, which can produce up to 200 watts. The Gaur 21 also has temperature control. The temperature range for the Gaur 21 ranges from 200°F to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The display is 0.96 inches across and it is waterproof. It also has a built-in menu system. It’s additionally designed to be compatible with most types of atomizers. It’s also compatible with both 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries. This Gaur 21 is also non-stick and therefore easy to clean.

The Gaur 21 also has an app that allows you to remotely control the unit. It also lets users upgrade their firmware. Bluetooth is a way to connect to the device. Additionally, you can use the lost and found function. You can also set the device’s name and location services.

The device can be charged Gaur 21 via the USB-C connector in the device. The Gaur 21 also has an included USB type-C cable. To get the most efficient charge, however, you should look into a battery charger.

The Gaur-21 comes with an app that lets you control the device from your smartphone. The app has a lost and found feature and allows you to find your gadget. This app can upgrade the firmware of your smartphone. You can also make use of the on/off button to switch off the Gaur 21.

Gaur 21 has an integrated menu system. Its menu is simple to comprehend and understand. The main interface also features an option to alter the colour of your screen.

The Vandy vape Gaur Mod comes in a wide range of colours

Vandy Vape’s Gaur 21 Mod is a potent vape that will deliver up to 200W of power. It has a new ANTI LOSS system and a 0.96-inch touchscreen display. It requires an adapter that can accommodate 18650 batteries smaller than.

Gaur 21 Mod Gaur 21 Mod is powered by an updated Vandy Chip and offers a variety of vaping options. It has a waterproof PCB with a big display screen. The display screen displays data about smoking, such as puff counting the resistance level, working voltage as well as battery life. The screen also has a bypass mode and temperature control mode.

Gaur 21 Mod Gaur 21 Mod is a Vape device that is a C-frame. It is built from fibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate, which is very durable. The lightweight of the product is 128g. It has a slim design which is easier to carry.

Its Vandy Vape Gaur 21 Mod features a gold-plated spring-loaded 510 pin. This atomizer can be used by any atomizer with a 28mm diameter. It also works with titanium, nickel as well as stainless steel wires.

The door of the Gaur 21 Mod’s battery is smooth and easy for holding. The Mod is built of a water-proof PCBA. It’s tough and easy to wash. It also works with smartphones and an application, it allows you to control and track your mod. Also, you can set an alarm and keep track of the location of your mobile.

Gaur 21 is compatible in conjunction with 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries. The batteries are capable of delivering a power range of between 5 and 200 Watts. They have a capacity of 6000 to 10,000 mAh.

Gaur 21 is a mod that Gaur 21 mod is designed by collaborating with the popular YouTube user and vape expert Matt (SMM). The mod has a C-frame style, a bright, high-quality TFT display screen, as well as a sturdy PCBA. There is also an internal panel which supports sleeve grip modifications.

The app on your smartphone is necessary to use this Gaur 21 Mod. You can monitor and upgrade your firmware with the application. It also comes with an option to send an audio signal to the mod. Additionally, you can employ the app locate my device feature to find it in case you lose it.

This GAUR-21 Box comes with a delivery

GAUR-21 is powered with two 21700-cell batteries. It could produce as much as 200W. It has a variety of settings that allow you to customize the way it works. It also can cut off after 10 seconds and short-circuit protection in addition to dust and water protection.

The user interface is easy to use and offers many options. Vandy Vape includes an app on smartphones which can be utilized to monitor the location of the device and update the firmware. Also, it will sound an alarm when the mod gets lost or taken.

GAUR-21 dual 21700 Box Mods are among the most lightweight that are available. The GAUR-21 weighs only 128g and can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand. The panel is removed simply by pulling it off of the detachable section. It is shockproof and waterproof and is suitable for high-current batteries. It’s made of high-quality plastic and has a sliding access door to the battery. Mods can also be used with stainless and nickel steel wires. Also, you can order online Vandy Vape Gaur Mod Carbon Fiber Black in UK or other location, in different colours by your taste!

Vandy Vape GAUR-21’s Box Mod is powerful and offers exceptional flavours, vapor, and accuracy. It’s compatible with several different atomizers. Additionally, it has a multi-functional OLED display that allows for vape information monitoring.

Vandy Vape GAUR-21 features a PCBA that is waterproof and dust-proof. It is protected by an enhanced fibreglass chassis. The display can be modified with a full-color LCD display. It is possible to select from a variety of options for temperature and it’s powered by either two 18650 batteries or two 20700 batteries.

Vandy Vape GAUR-21 has a Type C USB charging port, which could also be used to recharge the batteries. The set comes with two 18650 battery adapters as well as instructions. It comes in 8 colours.

A 510 connector is offered on the Gaur-21 that allows it to be linked to many different atomizers. The mod includes a temperature control mode and bypass mode. It comes with built-in Vandy Chip technology, which lets you choose between multiple vaping styles. It also can upgrade with the most up-to-date firmware.

It’s a sturdy mod, which can be cleaned quickly. This Vandy Vape chipset can be washed with water, and the chipset is compatible with Vandy Vape.