Using the ProVari+

You have to remember that as is the case with most e-cigarettes, using the ProVari begins with charging the battery. The charger, included in the Kit, charges two batteries at the same time, so benefit from it; plug both batteries in and wait for the indicator lights to turn green.

Next step will be to twist the bottom cap off, insert the battery with the positive side facing up and replace the bottom cap.

Furthermore, set the voltage. Press the button five times until the screen indicates “Pu.” Wait for the screen to show the current voltage and then press the button once more until it reads “4.0.” Wait for the screen to remove the indications before you go on. This is how you’ll raise the voltage in the future.

If you’re using one of the Boge cartomizers included in the ProVari pack, fill it with a syringe or by dripping e-liquid slowly into the filler material from a bottle. When the filler is wet, twist it into the threading at the top of the e-cigarette and put a drip tip if you like. If you’re using an atomizer, twist it into the ProVari and push the drip tip into the top of the atomizer. Drip a bit of e-liquid into the drip tip and wait for it to go down to the heating coil.

This is actually an easy way to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling e-smoking process. What else can you dream about?!