Hotcig Kubi Pod Starter Kit is an updated version of Juul alternative refillable pod. A cigar-shaped starter kit with reusable high-capacity cartridges and a ceramic coil. Hotcig Kubi Pod Starter Kit comes with a case, and the volume of its built-in battery is 550 mAh.
The range includes seven colors: strict black, business gray, elegant white, extravagant red, extraordinary blue, extreme red-black, extrapolar candy. The selection is good, unisex, covers a wide range of tastes. (+ New colors)

In Juul alternative refillable pod design, almost all pods tend to come close to the cigarette look, and in the case of the Hotcig Kubi Pod Starter Kit, to the cigar look. So that the form does not seem too simple, the lower part of the body is pulled up with a silver belt, and the upper edge with a rectangular cut, creating the effect of the integrity of the cartridge and the case. An indicator just below will indicate a low battery. Despite the fact that it is made of stainless steel, the case is covered with a soft, elastic material that is pleasant to the touch.
First of all, it should be said that this Juul alternative refillable pod is namely positioned as refillable, that is, the cartridges are reusable, when the vapor mixture runs out, it can be refilled, but the coil cannot be replaced, and it, by the way, is ceramic, with a resistance of 1.8 Ohm.

It is activated during puff, there are no buttons on it, it is very convenient and familiar for those who switch from smoking to vaping. The volume of this Juul alternative refillable pod is 1.7 ml, depending on the nicotine strength of the slurry, its type (salt or not), this should be enough for about 500 puffs, in terms of cigarettes it is 2.5 packs.
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