buy Juul pods UKFor being able to buy Juul pods UK systems, have an overview of Juul maintenance instructions.

First, wipe the charging contacts on the battery pack and charger with a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol.
It happens that when carrying contacts get dirty and the device stops charging.
If you cannot reach the contacts with a cotton swab, you can use a paper clip to clean the dirt carefully.
Some users are helped by small magnets or magnetized objects. They can attract metal dust that blocks the contacts.
If the Troubleshooting section does not solve the problem and JUUL still does not work, you should contact JUUL support.

You can contact one of the following ways:
Online. Send an email to the email address listed on the website.

By phone.
Twitter. Send a direct message to Twitter (in English).
To select and buy Juul pods UK systems, check the available colors.
Currently, Juul comes in only three primary colors. In the future, perhaps, the manufacturer will release other color solutions, but at the moment other colors can mean a fake device.
Graphite is the original color of JUUL and is currently the only color in which the device can be purchased separately from the starter kit (only the battery pack itself).
Navy blue
The second official color of the device is dark blue. This color is limited to a limited batch of JUUL, so it is not available in all stores and only as a set of battery pack and charger.

Reddish gold
Reddish gold is the rarest color offered by the manufacturer. Devices in this color are available in limited editions and they could only be obtained upon registration with the automatic delivery program.
Juul Versions
Officially, there are no references to various versions of the device and minor changes on the JUUL website. However, over the past few years, such changes have been made.
They were able to notice when comparing devices released in different years. These changes contributed to improved performance and product quality.
In general, current devices work much better than from the first installments of 2015. In addition, there were much less problems with charging and leakage of fluid.