There are 2 types of  electronic cigarettes  :

  • With integrated battery: these cigarettes are charged using a charging cable, most often of the micro USB type. The battery is not removable.
  • With removable battery: a rechargeable battery ( Accu ) is necessary for the operation of these e-cigarettes. The battery can be recharged without being removed from the e-cigarette or in a specific charger provided for this purpose (recommended use).

Why is my electronic cigarette not charging?

If your electronic cigarette works with batteries:

  • You may have placed your batteries in the wrong direction: check this.
  • Your  batteries may be  defective: try to replace it
  • Your charger may be defective: exceptionally, try charging them directly into your electronic cigarette. If your model does not have this option, try another charger.

If your electronic cigarette works with a built-in battery: 

  • Check that the cable is plugged  in the right way
  • Check that  the micro-USB port  of your electronic cigarette is neither damaged nor obstructed
  • Check that the cable is working, for example by trying to charge another device.
  • Never use a mains base not designed for charging e-cigarette batteries.

If none of these solutions works, your battery may be bad.

Is my battery dead?

A battery can be “defective” for several reasons:

  • Lifespan reached: A battery has a lifespan defined in charge cycles, regardless of the device concerned. The average lifespan of a battery is thus  2 to 5 years. After this time,  a battery generally begins to lose capacity and therefore autonomy. Eventually, it may not be able to recharge sufficiently. If your electronic cigarette is a little old, your battery may be too worn out. If you have an electronic cigarette with a built-in battery, you must therefore change your e-cigarette.


  • Malfunction: if you have checked the “Points to check” above and the loading still does not work, we invite you to contact our customer service to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. As a reminder, all our electronic cigarettes are guaranteed for 3 months. After this period, you will have to contact the manufacturer.