One of the most exciting things to consider in ensuring a successful vaping experience is the flavours you choose. Many stores offer a variety of samples allowing you to let your taste buds explore all tastes. desserts, sweets, well-known drinks and more! You can even mix and match flavours to create your unique combination. The possibilities are truly endless.

Trust us and set aside some cash for high-quality e-liquid. Poor quality e-liquids often contain impurities, which can make you very sick. Unless you’re excited about doctor bills, only buy your e-liquid from reputable manufacturers. Premium e-liquids use medically recognized pure nicotine, and food-grade ingredients, and have an impeccable reputation. 

Know your e-liquid to enjoy a better experience 

E-liquids are composed of a base with different levels of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and you must therefore know your PG / VG ratios. For example, a low VG e-liquid creates smaller clouds but leaves a deeper taste in the throat. So, depending on the cloud effect and flavour you want to achieve, you will have to decide whether you prefer a higher or lower VG. 

High VG e-liquid is generally considered to be of higher quality in terms of minimizing allergies. It is also known to be naturally sweet and provides eye-pleasing clouds of smoke.   

Before use, we warmly advise you to shake your e-liquid. Why? This mixes PG/VG and nicotine levels to get the best possible experience every time. Also, make sure to keep your e-liquid out of direct sunlight as this can lower the nicotine level. Never leave your bottle of e-liquid open for too long although it is recommended to let it breathe for a few minutes if the flavour is too intense. 

Keep in mind these warnings regarding the maintenance of your e-liquid 

If you buy a bottle of premium e-liquid that seems expired or you notice a lack of flavour intensity, try letting it sit in a dark room for a week or two. Just like fine wine, most e-liquids deliver a richer flavour after letting the flavours marinate together in a dark place for a few weeks.

Acidic flavours such as menthols, citrus, essential oils, and cinnamon can crack plastic reservoirs. The majority of starter kits come with plastic reservoirs, so beginners should beware. 

If you are a fan of these types of sour flavours, be sure to invest in a good-quality glass or pyrex tank to avoid any potential damage. Prevention is better than cure.