In all electronic cigarettes, we systematically find the same main components:

  • The device in which the battery is placed supplies it with electrical energy;
  • A container hosting the e-liquid which will create the vapour: is called the capsule, the cartridge or the tank.

In a so-called “closed” system, such as the ePen or the iPod, the capsule (or cartridge) is pre-filled with an e-liquid and therefore ready to use. It comes to clip to the device. Then, when it’s done, just throw it away. At its end, a mouthpiece will be used to inhale the vapour produced by the liquid it contains. Inside, an atomizer itself is composed of a wire acting as a resistance transforming the liquid into vapour by heating. Each model of electronic cigarette works with specific capsules. Once opened, the capsule can be removed and replaced with another. It doesn’t need to be full to work, allowing you to alternate between different e-liquid flavours.

In a so-called “open” system, like the eTank, the elements are the same, but the operation is different. We are not talking about a capsule but rather a tank because it is up to the adult user to fill it with the e-liquid(s) of their choice. It is also the different components of e-liquids that we will now focus on.


Among the hundreds of e-liquids available on the market, three main pieces of information make it possible to distinguish them and therefore guide the choice of adult vapers: their composition, their nicotine level and their flavour. 


All e-liquids are generally made from a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), also called glycerol and flavourings. And whether or not there is nicotine in it. The percentage of these “ingredients” makes all e-liquids different from each other.

For adult users of open systems, it is possible to compose their e-liquids directly according to their expectations. This is not possible for adult users of closed systems, as the capsules already contain e-liquid. 

Let’s go into the details of the ingredients:

  • Propylene Glycol is very frequently used in many products from the food industry and the world of cosmetics. Having itself little or no taste, it simply acts as a flavour enhancer which gives them more relief, that is to say, a more marked taste in the mouth. Note that Propylene Glycol is non-carcinogenic, considered to be of low toxicity and used by pharmaceutical quality.
  • Vegetable Glycerin is an odourless, slightly viscous and 100% vegetable substance found in the same kind of products as Propylene Glycol. In addition to its generally sweet taste, its role is simple but crucial for vapers: to help create ample and generous vapour when heated.


Each e-liquid can exist with or without nicotine and in several versions of different nicotine dosages, allowing each vaper to have an e-liquid that meets their needs. The strength is given in mg/mL (i.e. milligrams per millilitre). An e-liquid without nicotine will therefore contain 0 mg/mL and e-liquids with nicotine will have a dosage of up to 18 mg/mL. The higher this weight, the higher the amount of nicotine in the liquid is in the total volume of liquid.

It is very often possible for the same flavour to exist in several nicotine levels. An example is the range of e-liquid: the capsule for iPod ” Fruits of the forest » is available in 5 different versions: 0 mg/mL, 3 mg/mL, 6 mg/mL, 12 mg/mL and 18 mg/mL.   


As its name suggests, this family includes all electronic cigarette e-liquids inspired by the flavour of fruits. The “fruity” flavours are generally distinguished by their sweetness and their slightly acidic side.

A whole family of e-liquids with fruity flavours such as ”  Peach  “, ”  Apple  “, ”  Grape  “, ”  Fruits of the Forest  “, ”  Strawberry Tonic  “, ”  Wild Strawberry  “, ”  Frapped Berries  “, ”  Cassis or even “  Cherry on the Ice  ”, “  Cherry Black  ” and “  Cherry in bloom  ”.

You will also find more exotic flavours like ”  Mango  ” or ”  Watermelon  “. Some fruity flavours are unique such as ”  Peach Melba  “, ”  Peach Maple  “, ”  Pomme Tatin  ” or ”  Panna Cotta Coco  “. In this family, we also traditionally classify an unusual flavour, rather inspired by a vegetable: ”  Cucumber  “.


There are two subfamilies:

  • Flavours called “mono-aroma” are characterized by the dominance of a very specific flavour such as caramel or vanilla.
  • More complex “multi-aroma” flavours, seeking for example to recreate unique flavours through several associated flavours.


This family is aimed at all adult e-cigarette users looking for both a powerful and fresh experience. It is certainly one of the most popular families of e-liquids. And it is surely for this reason that from a single flavour, mint, dozens of variations have been created.  


The flavours of this category of e-liquids for e-cigarettes are those that are closest to the tobacco flavour.  


The choice of an e-liquid remains a personal decision of the adult vaper. However, simple flavors, called “mono-flavors” are more popular among adult smokers new to vaping.