We all have our favourite flavour, our all-day, but it’s so nice to discover new flavours. Best e-liquids to discover according to the season!

Spring collection 

If we opened this one with a good cup of tea, rewarded best “Floral/Spicy” e-liquid. It is an allegory of spring with its notes of jasmine-scented tea and its hint of milk. It will not fail to thrill the taste buds of lovers of floral, sweet and creamy liquid. To vape on the terrace under a ray of sunshine. 


To accompany this drink during the Easter holidays, bet for sure on the taste of fondant chocolate doughnuts and caramel. In addition, it will not make you take a single gram with your electronic cigarette!

Is that not enough for you? For even more indulgence, melt for the Cookie Explosion from the Hypertonic range. Its shortcrust pastry garnished with chocolate chips, hazelnuts and a hint of vanilla should satisfy you.

Summer collection 

We don’t think of summer without imagining ourselves on a fine sandy beach and especially without a good cocktail! To start this season on the right foot, discover a tasty Pina Colada-style. Refreshing and creamy to perfection, it is without hesitation a best seller when the temperature rises. 

Fall collection 

Summer is over, but put away your tissues, we have something to comfort you. Take a deep breath of custard and cereal notes that will wrap you like in a cocoon and prepare you for what’s next.

Winter collection

Oh, winter! Finally, happy holidays where we can stuff ourselves with a lot of good things and also good e-liquids! 


What a good way to accompany the opening of gifts and not to lose your hand between two well-stocked meals, we offer you two liquids that smell good at Christmas!

There’s nothing better than an e-liquid with caramelized apple, brown sugar and cinnamon muffin to get you in the holiday spirit. 

And to stay in this atmosphere, with similar flavours, a succulent cinnamon apple pie out of the oven accompanied by a good spoonful of whipped cream. We are already licking our chops.

New Year’s Day

Let’s not give our stomachs time to recover and to celebrate nothing beats a good glass of champagne! Atomizers will therefore be spoiled with the nectar based on brut champagne, very fresh muscat, citrus fruits and white grapes is exactly what it takes to end the year in style.


We have unearthed you for the candlelight something to accompany your pancakes because we do not laugh with pancakes.

Without hesitation, we recommend the delicious cream and delicate vanilla flavour that will surely bring you back to childhood!

Biscuit, peanut butter and whipped cream, are enough to enjoy without curling the crisis of times.

Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with your vapour, we offer two liquids from the Swoke range: 

  • The first is a temptation of blackcurrant and mysterious red fruits imbued with a minty freshness, a real invitation full of passion.
  • The second is softer, more sensual. A blend of strawberries, currants and bubble gum.

What ends this turn of the seasons all in sweetness. All of this really made us hungry. And you, which liquid do you associate with your favourite season?