Starfire Cigs Review

The Starfire Cigs e-cigarette has an L88 battery. This e-cigarette model is famous mainly due to its small size; when connected to a refill cartridge, it’s the same size as a classic cigarette.

The other known e-cigarette companies offering L88 e-cigarettes are popular Volcano and Blu Cigs. Where Starfire Cigs differs from these companies, nevertheless, is the inclusion of a “jewel tip” on its e-cigarette batteries, making the battery glow like a crystal when the e-cigarette is used.

You may, however, not be able to see it since the tip faces away from you; it’s certainly likely to get a bit of attention from your friends and relatives. The black Starfire Cigs battery glows blue, while the white battery glows red. Such an intrigue!

The fact that the Starfire Cigs kit includes a portable battery charger at such a low price is much appreciated. While the small size of the L88 battery is a major selling indicator, the lackluster battery life compared to larger e-cigarettes isn’t. Two completely charged batteries can provide e-smoking time up to that of a full pack of cigarettes, but the battery life is quickly decreased with longer or more frequent e-smoking procedures.

The Starfire Cigs portable charging case has its own internal battery with the ability to charge an expired e-cigarette battery a few times. So, when one battery dies, you can place it inside the case and charge it while you use the other battery. Even if you can’t get to a USB port or power outlet for several of days or so, you won’t have to be concerned about being unable to use your e-cigarette.