Several years ago, manufacturers of vape devices tried to surprise vapers with original tanks and drips, productive and functional box mods and non-standard solutions. Now the situation has changed dramatically, as their main focus is on such a market segment as POD-systems. They in various versions have become very popular because of their compactness and the ability to use strong liquids based on saline nicotine. Therefore, their assortment is constantly updated and one of the examples is the appearance of the SMOK Novo Vape Pod System Starter Kit on the market. After the success and at the same time a number of comments from vapers regarding the first version, the decision to release something similar, but more perfect, is quite logical. The new version has become a little more powerful, equipped with a more capacious battery and is designed to work with two types of cartridges – for the first and second editions, for which the manufacturer can honestly say thank you.

SMOK Novo Vape Pod System Starter Kit is a compact POD system equipped with a battery powerful enough for its class and designed to work with replaceable cartridges of seven types. The design of the new version has remained recognizable and ergonomic, so there will be no difficulties with its use. At the same time, the manufacturer offers a wide selection of colors, as well as the ability to customize the device using special stickers. An important moment for vapers can safely be considered the possibility of using cartridges for both the first version of PODa and those developed for the second – several updated with respect to the used heating elements. You can buy SMOK Novo Vape Pod System Starter Kit in eight original designs, among which the vaper can easily choose the best option for himself.

Given that the SMOK Novo Vape Pod System Starter Kit is, in principle, a classic POD system, but do not forget that it is from a renowned manufacturer, therefore it is quite logical that it is equipped with a decent amount. Therefore, in a company box, the vaper will find:

Novo 2 Battery Pack;
Evaporator NOVO 2 Mesh 1.0ohm Pod;
Evaporator NOVO 2 DC4ohm MTL Pod;
USB cable for charging;
User’s manual.