SMOK BEC Pro introduction

We can say that connectivity with mobile devices might be one of the features that smokers search for in innovative personal vaporizers in the near future.

When you make the switch to e-cigarettes, you could notice — and that is certain that you are not the only one — that after some years of smoking were probably puffing on e-cigarette more frequently per day than you had ever puffed on tobacco cigarettes. Although you were certain that you were consuming less nicotine overall,  you were not absolutely positive and wanted to reduce number of puffs each day.

You could try tallying my puffs manually but always forgot to record the number of your smoking breaks. There could be a necessity to contact SMOK about the BEC Pro APV, figuring that if one e-smoker had an interest in a Bluetooth e-cigarette, some other smokers might, too.

Having used the BEC Pro exclusively for a few weeks weeks, you can say according to your experience that it is a great e-cigarette and is absolutely worth the price. However, the Bluetooth functionality still has some nuances to iron out.

However, it is already a big and promising start, concerning the functions of e-cigarette the company offers. So, keep a close eye on this e-cigarette and decide if it is the best one for you.