Skycig introduction

Sometimes American smokers suppose that the e-smokers in the United Kingdom are really missing out. A lot of the e-cigarettes offered in the UK seem to be wrongly overpriced and, well, just not of a very good quality.

However, there are a few well-known exceptions to this. For example, Totally Wicked, one of the largest e-liquid companies in the world by Web traffic, is located in the UK.

Nevertheless, converting pounds to dollars make their prices quite a bit higher than what someone is used to seeing here. As a result, most people buy their first e-cigarette from a company popular more for its hardware than its e-liquids. So what can be named the best e-cigarette in the UK? We will try to find out it further in the Skycig review.

Sky Cig are one of the leading UK based electronic cigarette suppliers that appear to be on a par with the big e-cig players you encounter in the USA. They are also advertized by many different electronic cigarette review sites to be the best available in the UK.

In order to see the difference, one has to experiment with this branded e-cigarette, try the flavors, the puffs and come to the conclusion that it is required for your smoking routine any time you like to smoke.