Pros and Cons of Pod systemsIf you are quitting smoking, you know how important it is to have a pick me up nicotine dose on hand each time you get a new craving. While many vapers are used to their big and powerful mods, they are not the most comfortable to carry around. This is when pod systems come in handy.
Pod systems are a mini version of the typical e-cigarettes. They can be refillable or have disposable cartridges, like Juul pods. Before you chose to try them out check out their pros and cons.

Easy to vape. When using a box mod, you have to rewick your coils, change them from time to time, think about ohms or watts, which is not the case with pod systems. You only need to pop on a new cartridge and you are ready to go if you have disposable pods or as a maximum to fill the refillable ones.

Portability. As mentioned above, these devices very small, thus they don’t occupy a lot of space or weigh down your pocket or luggage when travelling. If opting for single-use cartridges, you get another great benefit – no leaks. These pods are sealed quite well and you don’t need to carry additional e-juice bottles.

Easy to manage the e-juice. Pods consume e-juice sparingly, lasting for as much as two weeks for some people per pod. As well you can easily vape a new flavour whenever you like with single-use pods without the need to clean the tank or making other manipulation to make sure that the flavours don’t mix.

Battery life. Though they do get charged quickly, they still lose power in a few hours.

Flavour and vapour limits. The disposable cartridges can be bought only for the same brand that produces the device and when it comes to refillable pods, high VG combos cannot be supported. Thus, big clouds are not possible.

Either way, pod systems are a great solution if you want something fast on the go without fussing around with bulky devices.