Your electronic cigarette may have problems with leaks, e-liquids rising or gurgling. You left your e-cigarette in your suitcase and found all your stuff soaked?

You put it in your purse when you travel and unfortunately found cash on your phone and your wallet? You were vaping and a few hot drops slipped on your tongue and burned you a little?

More than unpleasant discoveries which are however easily resolvable! So how do we put an end to all these problems with e-liquids, leaks or even gurgling?

It is sometimes unnecessary to charge your electronic cigarette. The problem usually comes from the clearomiser. We present you with some problems of this type and give you some tips to put an end to these uncomfortable situations.

1- You may not be vaping properly

When you start the electronic cigarette and previously smoked regular cigarettes, you tend to pull the same way. Unfortunately, this practice of the e-cigarette can damage it. Don’t pull too evenly or as strongly as with a traditional cigarette. You risk damaging the equipment and causing those famous strange gurgling and rising sounds. Don’t throw away your equipment. Your electronic cigarette may be fragile and only needs your care. So vape gently and more spaced out.

2- A resistance that is too worn or of poor quality

Many of the problems with leaks are caused by the poor condition of your resistor or the poor quality of the one chosen.

The resistances must indeed be changed regularly to be able to function correctly. Otherwise, the liquid-soaked wicks, usually made of cotton, no longer play their role correctly. The liquid is then no longer absorbed as it should and flows into the clearomiser. We advise you to install new resistors every 2 weeks to a month maximum, depending on the regularity or not of your consumption.

In addition, a poor-quality resistor will not fully play its role and will not be able to soak up the liquid correctly, which may cause the latter to flow. 

3- Equipment that needs to be cleaned

Clean your electronic cigarette regularly, to remove all traces of liquid deposits which could damage the other elements that make it up or prevent the seals from leaking. Most of the gurgling, leaking or rising problems are due to bad condensation of the e-liquid or to a flow in the resistance. Cleaning with hot water, absorbent paper… several options are available to you to best maintain all of your equipment. However, be careful not to spill water on your battery.

4- A poorly assembled e-cigarette

Your problems with leaks and liquid rising may only be due to improper assembly. So check that each of the parts is correctly assembled, that your e-cigarette is well screwed, that the seals are in good condition and well-positioned and that you have not damaged the material by forcing a little too much on the tightening.

5- A bad proportion of liquid

Respect the imposed doses of e-liquid and the prescribed tank levels. Never fill more than recommended and do not use your e-cigarette below the required threshold. Too much or too little or poorly proportioned liquid may cause leaks later.  

The thicker your liquid, the less risk, however. 

If despite all the advice and solutions given above, you continue to have problems with leaks, gurgling or e-liquid rising, it may be a malfunction of your e-cigarette. 

6- Use a  suitable E-liquid

All electronic cigarettes benefit from user preferences. More particularly in terms of power adjustment.

The liquid used in your electronic cigarette must be adapted to the resistance used. 

What does it mean? 

To put it simply, if you vape at low power (generally between 10 and 25 watts), your e-liquid should be composed mainly of Propylene Glycol.

If you vape at high power (between 30 watts and more), your e-liquid must be mainly composed of Vegetable Glycerin. Your e-liquid will therefore be more viscous.

There is no better liquid for electronic cigarettes. The best e-liquid is the e-liquid that matches your style of vaping.

By respecting this, you would avoid the rise of liquids in your electronic cigarette !