If the concept of the personal vaporizer has existed for many decades, it was at the beginning of the 2010s that the electronic cigarette started to make people talk about it, becoming more democratic and becoming at lightning speed one of the tools for weaning off the tobacco most used and in any case, the most popular.

One of those that have participated in this boom is undoubtedly the eGo C from Joyetech. With this model, the one who is today one of the great leaders of the vape market brought something very innovative to the vaping device with its changeable atomizer heads (coils).

It is certainly with this model with its sober design that the oldest among you will have experienced their first satisfying vaping sensations.

The revolution is made, all was then only logical evolution. Variable power, battery indicator, airflow, OLED screen, MODification with boxes and other e-pipes, temperature control, rebuildable material, bottom feeder, etc, etc. The list is extremely long and it would be impossible to list everything here.

A few years have passed and one of the paths taken, certainly the widest avenue chosen by the industry, has been the escalation of power. So much so that today, it is not uncommon to see models approaching or even happily exceeding the 200-watt mark.

We should legitimately wonder if this race for power, adopted by almost all manufacturers, is useful to the vaper. Does it help to quit smoking?

From a completely personal point of view, I would say no. Admitting that the 200w bar would be the norm makes no sense unless you think that the purpose of vaping is to make the biggest cloud of vapour possible. This is equivalent to offering each new driver’s license holder a large engine.

Let’s ask ourselves the obvious question that every smoker likely to give up cigarettes for e-cigarettes should ask themselves: “How will the electronic cigarette make me forget the real cigarette? What do I need for this to work? »

Depending on the smoker’s level of dependence, the answer may vary significantly, but certain elements are inherent to the smoker, regardless of his level of dependence.

We will of course mention his addiction to nicotine, and the need to “take his dose”. We can also talk about the gesture of smoking, which after years of practice, sometimes entire decades, is deeply inscribed in a person’s DNA, making them ad vitam aeternam (this is what she is convinced), a smoker. There is also the “hit”, which we only take the trouble to identify when we have moved from the status of the smoker to that of a vaper.

All these ailments can, and are effectively treated by electronic cigarettes. And there is no need to move towards an outrageously powerful model to find satisfaction.

This takes us in another direction, explored by the vaping industry. A path took quite recently thanks to the emergence of nicotine salts.

Let’s talk nicotine.

The nicotine traditionally used in the e liquids that we have known and used for years is purified nicotine.

Indeed, to become a pharmaceutical quality nicotine without the risk of inhaled use, it undergoes a two-step treatment.

First of all, it is extracted from the plant by a chemical treatment process which allows a very high yield extraction. But this process has the effect of “polluting” the nicotine, in which there is a high concentration of residue from the extraction products.

The nicotine is therefore then purified and can finally be used without risk by humans inhaled with the electronic cigarette.

If the nicotine obtained by this process is of great purity, it does however have some disadvantages: First, you should know that this treatment makes it more unstable and degrades it. This has the effect of lessening its effects. Moreover, the older it gets, the less effective it is.

And since we are talking about efficiency, it is good to know that this purified nicotine is much less effective than that contained in a real cigarette. Concretely, it takes about 10 minutes of vaping to obtain the same satiety effect as with 10 seconds of pulling on a real cigarette. This is called the rule of two 10s.

This is one of the reasons why you vape more than you smoke.

Another concern (and not the least) posed by purified nicotine: the hit. A heavy smoker with a strong nicotine requirement will logically opt for an e-liquid with a high rate of nicotine (16 or even 18 mg/ml). And it is not uncommon to encounter real problems of discomfort (strong coughing spells) which can cool the new vaper whose experience then turns out to be most unpleasant.

Nicotine salt. A real breakthrough in the world of vaping.

Nicotine salts have been around for a few years in the United States and are starting to get talked about here.

Little known to the general public, the e-liquid with nicotine salts nevertheless has some significant advantages to convince the first-time vaper whose nicotine requirement is high.

Aimed particularly at users subject to recurrent cough problems with a classic e-liquid, the nicotine salts have the particularity of greatly softening the hit, even with a high rate.

Another well-known advantage, nicotine salt has a faster effect than purified nicotine on the body. Results? You vape less for an equally satisfying result.

Finally, in terms of conservation, nicotine salt also has a real advantage. Closer to nicotine in its natural state, they are more resistant and will keep much longer than an e-liquid containing purified nicotine.

So is nicotine salt a miracle product and will it supplant purified nicotine?

The answer that will be given here is very mixed. It is difficult to know what will happen tomorrow but we know that e liquids with nicotine salts are not new and have a hard time spreading to all vapers. Why?

First, there is the question of price. The production of e-liquid based on nicotine salts is higher than that of classic e-liquids, and the price in the shop (without being exorbitant) is necessarily higher.

Next comes the question of the targeted user. The e liquids with nicotine salts are not intended for all vapers. This mainly concerns first-time vapers whose need for nicotine is high and who are subject to repeated coughing fits with classic e-liquid.

A vaper who is not subject to this problem and who, on the contrary, needs a strong hit, will not find happiness with nicotine salt.

And we were talking earlier about the growing power of the hardware. The owner of a box vaping at 70 w will not be able to use an e-liquid with nicotine salt, otherwise, they will very quickly find themselves in overdose.

Pod and nicotine salt: The ideal combo.

Against the current of ever more powerful equipment, the Mod Pods have therefore appeared. Mod pods are mini electronic cigarettes, in a very discreet and low-powered format. Generally, they work with a cartridge system (called Pod). Simple to use, and compact, the pods are particularly aimed at the first-time vaper that a box or an electronic cigarette could put off because of its sometimes imposing format.

The e-liquid with nicotine salts requires little power to be able to be used without risk of overdose, the marriage of Pod Mod and nicotine salts was inevitable. And it works wonderfully. It is therefore today a real new opportunity that is offered to the beginner vaper as long as his smoking profile is identified.

Is the Pod + Nicotine salt duo right for you?

Who is this duo particularly aimed at? You may have tried e-cigarettes and coughing abnormally.

Do not confuse the cough related to the hit (that caused by an intolerance to the product or too high a rate of nicotine), and the cough related to the cessation of smoking. Indeed, it is not uncommon to cough when you stop smoking: This is a sign that your body is cleaning up.

If you are embarrassed when you vape, it irritates your throat, and makes you cough, it is very likely related to the nicotine level. You can then choose to turn to a lower rate. But the consequence will be that you will vape more to fill the lack of nicotine.

The solid alternative could then be to turn to a pod and an e-liquid with high-rate nicotine salts.

Conversely, nicotine salt may not be suitable for you if you need a pronounced hit.

Properly identifying your needs is essential to comfortably approach the e-cigarette. Trying out what those around you use can help to see things more clearly. Consulting the forums and chatting with other users can also answer certain questions. 

Happy vaping to all!