It sometimes happens that your e-liquid takes on a yellow or even brown hue, but why? This phenomenon can appear in the bottle or directly in your clearomiser, whether with a ready-made e-liquid or a DIY. Is this normal? Can I still vape my liquid? This is what we are going to explain to you today.

Several possible reasons: we explain everything to you

Several causes can affect the appearance of your e-liquid by colouring it.


The nicotine present in your e-liquid can give, over time,  a yellowish or even brown tint to it. The higher your nicotine level, the more noticeable this reaction will be. But don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction that you can’t prevent unless you vape without nicotine.

The aromas

Some flavours tend to colour your e-liquid more than others. If you combine these flavours with a high nicotine level, your e-liquid has a good chance of browning.

We can observe, on the example opposite, this orange colouring which took place over the steep. The bottle was stored in a dark cupboard but was already opened. We, therefore, deduce that it is the gourmet flavours (caramel popcorn) of the Nagato concentrate, the oxidation and the nicotine that have caused this colouration.

This experiment was carried out with a  DIY dosed in 6 mg/mL of nicotine. The conversation

Conservation plays an important role in the quality of your e-liquids but also influences their colouring. Indeed,  light, sunlight and heat alter their colour and can therefore give this famous orange, brownish tint.


The change in colour of your e-liquid can also be due to your cotton present in the wicks of your resistance because it stores these liquid residues. You just need to change your resistance regularly, every three weeks or so, to avoid this inconvenience.

The heating of your e-liquid by the resistance can cause this sudden colouring. Brown deposits tend to build up as you use your e-cigarette. These small deposits then sometimes mix directly with your liquid, which colours it.

The maintenance of your equipment is therefore not to be neglected. All you have to do is clean your clearomiser  (reservoir) to remove these small residues.


Some e-liquids and DIY flavours are “naturally coloured”, by which we mean that the manufacturers themselves add food colouring to their products for an attractive purpose or simply for their brand image.

These e-liquids and concentrates are already coloured, so the colour change will not be seen as much as for the other flavours. These colourants are safe for consumption and just like colour-changing e-liquids, these liquids and concentrates can be vaped without moderation!

To conclude,  the change in colour of your e-liquid that occurs over time is completely normal and benign.  The taste and quality of your liquid remain unchanged.

However, if you observe a sudden change in the colour of your fluid, it may be due to a hardware issue, such as your coil degrading. It is therefore important to change it regularly.