Juul pod systemJUUL pod system is the most popular sub-system! Stylish and modern device with interchangeable hearths, pre-filled with 5% saline nicotine. Battery capacity is 200mah. The device is primarily intended to help smokers give up analog cigarettes.
The device is available in two trim levels:
Juul Basic Kit – includes the device itself and charging. Pods are purchased separately.
Juul Starter Kit – includes the device itself, a charging port and 4 cartridges with different flavors: mango, vanilla, classic tobacco and mint.

JUUL is the fastest growing company in the vaping industry: currently it occupies more than 76% of the market share of electronic cigarettes and continues to grow. The company appeared as a startup organized by two students at Stanford University, whose names were Adam Bowen and James Monziz. The guys studied to become designers and were heavy smokers at that time, the main idea was to create a device that will help people to quit smoking and which, according to their feelings, will be as close to smoking regular cigarettes. In 2015, after 10 years of working on the device, they realized their American dream and presented their JUUL pod system to the market.

The unique patented formula of salt nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco leaves and the miniature size of the device itself quickly captured the hearts of American smokers.
The device itself is as simple as possible and any person, even far from vaping and willing to quit smoking, will not have problems and questions with its use. Juul consists of two parts: a battery that charges from a special convenient USB charging port and a non-refillable liquid cartridge. There are no controls on the case, only an LED that lights up in different colors depending on the state of charge of the battery:
Green – maximum / high charge.
Yellow – medium.
Red – low.
The charge indicator appears when you tap your finger on the device.

An unusual chip.
So, in fact, you only need to timely charge the device and change the feeder with the liquid as it empties. It takes one hour to fully charge the battery.