RELX is one of main Juul competitors and presents RELX POD as an analogue of JUUL, which works with replaceable pods, which are pre-supplied with different flavors.

Relx Classic is a kit for beginners in the pod format of the system from Relx Tech that is one of main Juul competitors a new ambitious player in the market of electronic cigarettes. The manufacturer focused on closed-type cartridge cartridge pod systems that are in high demand.

The description of Relx Classic that is produced by one of main Juul competitors.

The tool is small in size, attractive for beginners, in pen style format. The shape is an elliptical cylinder. The style is classic. Consists of a battery and a closed cartridge with pre-charged liquid.

The case can be in five colors: red, black, pink, blue, gray. The cartridge is black, but with a colored lower part that allows you to quickly identify the liquid that is added to it:

blue as the mint;

blue as the blueberries;

orange as the tobacco;

light yellow as mango;

pink as a mixture of tropical fruits;

red as lemon tea;

green as the cooler.

Is filled with nicotine saline liquid. Closed cartridges do not imply the possibility of filling with liquid; after its emptying, replacement with a new one is necessary.

In the upper part there is a cartridge made of dark plastic, crowned with a convenient flat mouthpiece, which is inserted into the corresponding slot of the battery pack. The indication is realized by an LED, the light from which is visible through a notch shaped as a drop on the main side of the battery pack.

The battery is charged with a standard USB cable, the port for connection is at the end of the battery. The manufacturer promises a full battery charge in 45 minutes, after which it will be possible to make 150-200 puffs.

Relx Classic Specifications:

Set dimensions in assembled form: height – 87.4 mm; width – 20.46 mm. Weight – 17 grams. The capacity of the built-in battery is 350 mA h. The capacity of the cartridge is 2 milliliters (up to 650 puffs meticulously calculated by the manufacturer).