Juul competitorsJUUL has developed as the pioneer in vape pod systems and presently there are tons of JUUL compatible pods, CBD vape pods, and comparative alternatives.
Juuls have become a staple in the vaping industry and has helped a lot of people with their addiction to tobacco. Juuls have ended up a staple within the vaping industry and has helped individuals with their obsession with tobacco.
In any case, juuling does limit you with wandering out and attempting distinctive juice flavors of Juul competitors. JUUL pods come in a couple of flavors and you’re incapable to vape your own salt nic e-juice. There are moreover JUUL compatibles pods which offer extra flavors for your JUUL.

The battery and control restricted and the total of e-juice you get in each pod does not hold as much esteem in other brands.

Eonsmoke is among main Juul competitors. Juul’s expulsion of its creme, cucumber, natural product and mango flavors from stores gave Eonsmoke’s fortunes an enormous boost. Eon smoke Pods has a large palette of tastes and nicotine content, in addition, the volume of their cartridge is 1 ml, against 0.7 ml of JUUL. Eonsmoke pods are fully compatible with JUUL.

NJOY creates electronic cigarettes. The company offers a assortment of rechargeable and non-rechargeable electronic cigarette items made for grown-up smokers. These items give nicotine and wealthy tobacco and menthol flavor without smoke or odor, and taken a toll less than conventional cigarettes to use.
Vapor4Life is an American company that has built up a reputation in the mod market, primarily with the Zeus starter kit, highly praised by users and re-released in several variations. Having decided to slow down a little in terms of the power of the device, the creators have put Vogue the toy box mod on store shelves.
JoyeTech -over the years of hard work, the company has managed to gain a good reputation and widespread acceptance among users around the world. Today, Joyetech is the undisputed leader in the production of electronic cigarettes thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies and the release of truly high-quality products. JoyTech quickly became part of the pod system breakthrough.