iTaste MVP – the positive aspects

When you start e-smoking a totally new product for you, you need some investigation in order to find out whether it is alright for you to use this certain product.

This very product we are going to describe can be characterized by an extreme battery life. Moreover, it charges external devices via USB port. Variable-voltage is up to five volts. It is a simple, user-friendly design, whereas the previous versions of the iTaste could be described as squared versions of the company’s mid-grade e-cigarettes.

AS for the colors, the MVP is available in three colors: silver, black or blue. The front of the body demonstrates the iTaste logo and a very slick backlit, flush-mounted button. Nowadays, the MVP may be more worthy of the title “box mod.” Granted it’s far more sophisticated than something hacked together with a plastic battery box, but the shape is evidently boxy.

If you really think that it is what you want, then it is the perfect choice for you to enjoy your e-cig. The iTaste MVP V2 can meet or exceed expectations and is considered a very well built device that has all of the features anyone wants, and more. So sum it up, you are satisfied with the result achieved, do not hesitate purchasing one again.