IQOS Heets Amber LabelWe begin the review with the strongest sticks and are logically coming to the IQOS Heets Amber Label. Amber has the richest tobacco flavor. The smell, by the way, as it seemed to us, is stronger than the smell from other brands. Even the taste is stronger than the standard Blue Parliament. Together with all its signs of type of strength and taste, we can recommend it to those who are trying to start smoking IQOS after regular cigarettes. Because lighter sticks seem to be too chemical at first.

IQOS Heets Amber Label is a dark orange tutu. Amber “cigarettes” do not have flavorings. In the inhaled mixture, the smoker will feel only the tobacco aftertaste. Pretty strong, so experienced IQOS users recommend Heets Amber sticks for those who switch from a regular cigarette to a new way of smoking.

Other types of tobacco may not satisfy the experienced smokers as they do not have sufficient strength and may seem to be too chemical. But on the other hand, some IQOS smokers consider strong tobacco taste as a great advantage of Amber sticks.

Soft and delicate Amber Label HEETS opens delicately balanced taste sensations, thanks to pleasant nutty and woody aromatic notes.

IQOS Heets Amber Label is a special roasting tobacco flavor with light woody and nutty notes.

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