Are you currently a smoker? You have already tried the electronic cigarette without success but do you want to try it again? Do you want to switch to electronic cigarettes but you lack information to get started? Don’t panic, you are on the right page! Through this article, we will analyze the different models to use according to your cigarette consumption and the e-liquids adapted to each model. 

The electronic cigarette has become, in recent years, the essential tool to quit smoking. It allows keeping a gesture similar to that of the classic cigarette while allowing the user to reduce his nicotine level gradually, at his own pace.

Before you start vaping, Clopinette reminds you that the electronic cigarette is not recommended for pregnant women and is prohibited for sale to minors. 

What are the differences between the Electronic Cigarette models?

To best choose the model that best suits your needs, it is important to understand the differences between each model. Different characteristics differentiate the types of electronic cigarette models. 

  • battery life: the battery life of the electronic cigarette will vary depending on the model, expressed in Mah (Milliamps/hour). The higher this value, the longer your battery is autonomous! (from 180 mAh for small models up to more than 1600 mAh for larger batteries, or even beyond for mods with rechargeable batteries).
  • The performance of the atomizer or the resistance: There are several types of resistance or atomizers which will have the effect of modifying the flow and the volume of vapour and the heat felt in the mouth.
  • The capacity of the tank: More or less large capacity depending on the model chosen.
  • The design, which can also be linked to the previous criteria, for example, the greater the autonomy, the more the battery will generally be bulky. Today there are more and more shapes and colours available.

We remind you that the best way to start is to go to the shops to get information from an advisor. Indeed, there is a multitude of combinations of electronic cigarette and e-liquid flavours. It is therefore important to test the model of electronic cigarette chosen beforehand to ensure that the product is suitable for you.

Which E-liquids according to my Electronic Cigarette model?

When you choose an e-liquid, two main criteria will prevail for a successful vaping experience: 

– The PG/VG  ratio: this ratio will not be the same from one electronic cigarette model to another. It will influence the more or less fluid texture of an e-liquid. 

– The Flavor: the flavour will be essential to adhere to the tool. Don’t be biased about flavours. One strawberry flavour may taste bad to you, while another strawberry flavour will. There is a multitude of e-liquids. There are also fairly neutral flavours. Some vapers choose to vape only on mint to completely break away from the classic cigarette. 

– The Nicotine Level: finally the nicotine level will allow you to obtain a throat finish similar to the classic cigarette. It is therefore important to choose a good dosage since an under-dosage can lead to the resumption of the classic cigarette or over-consumption of the electronic cigarette and therefore a very important consumption of liquid. While an overdose will tend to irritate your throat or even disgust you with electronic cigarettes.