Your electronic cigarette needs you! You have just acquired this little gem of vapour that is supposed to bring you mountains and wonders of flavours, but you don’t know how to use it.

To know how to properly use an electronic cigarette, here are some tips and information that should help you.

So, take out your vapes, arm yourself with your favourite e-liquid, fill up your clearomizer and get ready to live your best vaping experience.

When you know how to use an e-cigarette, all the pleasures of vaping are revealed. All you have to do is enjoy your steam moment!

To know everything about the proper use of an electronic cigarette, it’s here!

How to vape well?

To vape well, you must start with a quality vape device. Run away from dubious shops that offer you uncertain ecigs and prefer recognized brands.

Smok, Vaporesso, Innokin, Eleaf, Geek Vape … Discover all the vape giants. They offer you various electronic cigarette kits, for small, medium and large consumption.

You have something for all tastes and all needs. Impossible not to find happiness with so many choices.

The most difficult thing is knowing how to choose your electronic cigarette. A word of advice, refer to your usual consumption of tobacco cigarettes.

The more you smoke, the more you will need a large-capacity electronic cigarette. Conversely, if you consume, for example, less than 10 cigarettes per day, prefer ecigs with low autonomy, more adapted to your profile of vaper.

Good vaping starts with reliable, safe and therefore good quality vaping accessories.

Depending on the model of vape you have, you will have a different mode of operation. Read the product sheet of your e-cig carefully and/or seek advice from vape pros online or in stores.

5 tips for using your electronic cigarette properly

  1. Always start a new resistance
  2. Take long puffs (puffs of steam): between 3 and 6 seconds
  3. Maintain your vape device regularly (cleaning, replacing the atomizer, etc.)
  4. Choose e liquids suited to your vape and your needs (PG/VG ratio, aromas, etc.)
  5. Have a draw adapted to the capacities of your electronic cigarette (tight/aerial)

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette, also called an electronic cigarette, vaporise or vapour is an electronic device capable of producing hot and flavoured vapour.

It works thanks to the association of three elements:

  • The battery: which powers the resistance and heats its coils
  • The clearomiser: which contains the tank, the resistance and the drip tip
  • E-liquid: which produces vapour thanks to propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin

How does it work

An electronic cigarette works thanks to a thermal reaction. The battery, which is either integrated into the box (the stick or the pod), or which takes the form of one or more accumulators, sends current to the resistance.

This one, located in the heart of the clearomiser (the upper part of your e-cig), is made up of coils. These are metallic threads connected to cotton. A wick is directly linked to the liquid contained in the pyrex tank.

The current therefore sends energy to the resistance. But, the metal of the coils slows down this current, which is transformed thanks to what is called the Joule effect into thermal energy. Magic, your vapour starts to heat up.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are present in the composition of your e-liquid vaporize when they exceed 60°C. Your liquid then evaporates and brings up steam through the chimney, a slot located in the centre of the clearomiser.

It then arrives in your drip tip, the mouthpiece of your vape, so that you can inhale it.

The power of physics makes your vaping delight. As soon as you press the start button of your ecig, it activates its entire electronic system.

You can then play around with the various features of your mod to adjust the vapour to make it as delicious as possible.

How to use it well?

Start by knowing your desires and needs regarding your vape, this will help you know how to use an electronic cigarette.

Ask yourself the right questions: do you want to inhale a maximum of clouds? On the contrary, do you prefer to bet on the feeling of the aromas of your e-liquids? Ask yourself what you expect from your vaping.

Then choose a vape that can meet all your requirements. Each device has specificities that make all its originality.

Smok e-cigarettes are relatively powerful and suitable for abundant, efficient and very hot vapes. Whether pods or boxes, these are particularly robust ecigs.

Eleaf, for example, offers you complete boxes, as with the range of Istick, which is very innovative and suitable for vapers of all levels.

Knowing how to properly use an electronic cigarette consists first of all of being aware of the limits of your device, but also of your limits in terms of vaping.

Then, you just need to know a few basic principles, such as charging the battery or filling the clearomizer to make your e-cigarette work well.

Using a vape for the first time: instructions for use

You have an electronic cigarette for the first time and you don’t know how to use it? Do not panic, we give you some tips that can help you. There are three steps to follow to enjoy its delicious vapour.

  1. Charge your battery
  2. Fill your clearomiser with e-liquid
  3. Power your vape

Charge your battery

The first time you use a vape, you must charge it to replenish the battery. This part is very important since without power you are sure to go straight to the absence of steam, and therefore to a failed vape experience.

A USB cord is usually included with your e-cigarette kit. Some ecigs even have a USB-C type port, which gives you a significantly faster charging time.

The Aspire BP80, for example, has a USB C socket: in a few minutes, your vape is fully charged.

But if you have a vape device with a “classic” micro-USB port, that’s just as good.

In case you misplace your charger or it is unusable, always check the compatibility between the voltage of your device and that delivered by the cable you want to use. This will save you from a short circuit and other inconveniences.

For boxes with accumulators, you can replace them or recharge them with a specific battery charger. Up to you!

On some mods, an LED light tells you the battery level.

This is the case of the Start Pack, a perfect e-cigarette to start vaping when you have low consumption and are looking for an easy-to-use vape. When the LED glows red, you know it’s time to recharge.

Can we use an electronic cigarette while charging?

Ideally, don’t vape with your vape device while it’s charging, or you’ll damage the battery.

Similarly, when you use an electronic cigarette for the first time, drain the battery completely and recharge it to the max.

Do it multiple times to extend your battery life and enjoy your vaping longer.

Optimize your time and reduce the risk of breakdowns (the worst thing when you want a vape break): charge your e-cig overnight!

Fill the clearomiser with e-liquid

There is nothing simpler than filling the reservoir of your clearomiser with e-liquid. Depending on whether you have a clearo that is recharged by the base or by the top cap, you can access the pyrex very easily.

If you have a top fill clearomizer, all you have to do is twist, slide or remove the top cap (upper part of the ecig).

You then access a slot in which you slide the tip of your bottle. You pour the e-liquid into the glass, made of pyrex, solid material and designed to withstand high temperatures.

This filling system is intuitive and prevents you from leaking liquid. It concerns the vast majority of modern and new generation clearomizers.

If you have a bottom-fill clearo, like the Aspire ET-S, unscrew it from the battery first. Remove the base (the lower part) and you are facing the tank. All you have to do is fill it with electronic cigarette liquid, being careful not to spill any.

The problem with this type of clearomizer is that you have more risk of putting it everywhere. Hold your ET-S, for example, upside-down, and drip tip down, to be sure not to spill e-liquid.

Start resistance

Each time you need to change resistance, remember to start it well so as not to suffer the dry hit. Priming consists of manually soaking your cotton wick with ecig liquid, and then filling the tank of the clearomizer.

Wait about ten minutes for the impregnation to take place, then vape. If you activate your box when the wick is completely dry, you go straight for the dry hit and its burning taste is not necessarily pleasant.

Priming an atomizer also saves you from having to buy a new one.

Activate your mod

When your battery is charged and your clearomiser is full, all you have to do is activate your mod. To do this, press the switch button on your electronic cigarette.

Some are equipped with an automated system that does not require you to take any action. You just have to pull on the tip of your e-cig so that the battery reacts and sends a current to heat the resistance.

This is particularly the case for low-consumption e-cigarettes which are made to be very easy to use.

Turn on and off your e-cigarette

As with your smartphone, it is possible to turn an e-cigarette off and on. That way, you’re sure she won’t act on her own to live her life dangerously.

All you have to do is press the switch button on your vape five times very quickly to turn it on or off.

Some electronic cigarettes also have a system that allows you to lock and unlock the screen. You find this on the latest generation vape devices, that is to say often on boxes with a fairly developed interface.

How to properly adjust an e-cigarette?

Your electronic cigarette may have features. Depending on the model of e-cig you have, you will have access to different modes. The most common are:

  • Variable wattage: to modulate the power of your vape
  • Temperature control: only for titanium, stainless steel or nickel resistors
  • The bypass: to switch from an electronic mod to a mechanical mod (without settings)
  • The memory: to save your settings and your preferences vape according to the value in ohm of your resistances

Depending on what you are looking for in your vaping, you will tune your ecig one way or another.

A good setting ensures a good vape, so don’t neglect it!

Look at the resistor value

To start, always look at the value of your resistance. This is expressed in ohms. The rule is very simple: the lower your ohm value is under 1 ohm, the more powerful your vape.

This type of atomizer is also called “sub-ohm” since they produce a very hot and more abundant vapour.

If for example, you have an atomizer with an impedance of 0.2 ohms, you know that you must not exceed at least 60 watts with your e-cigarette.

But, again, it depends on the capabilities of your device and also the type of resistance you have.

Watching the value of its resistance allows you to use an electronic cigarette properly by adjusting it to the appropriate power. This way, you enjoy your vaping and you run no risk.

Adjust your vape according to the e-liquid you have

Adjust your electronic cigarette according to the composition of your e-liquid.

If you have an e-liquid with a high level of vegetable glycerin, a tight draw in an MTL vape would be inappropriate. You risk damaging the resistance, causing a dry hit, or even damaging your vaping device.

Always adjust an electronic cigarette according to the value of your resistance, but also according to the composition of your e-liquid.

Prefer a direct inhalation type air draw with a High VG liquid. Also, favour a tight draw in indirect inhalation with a liquid with a high level of propylene glycol or which uses nicotine salts.

Solve the small problems of an electronic cigarette

It is possible that your electronic cigarette encounters during its existence some small breakdown problems. Often minor, you can solve them yourself in a few minutes.

You are out of steam

Look to the resistance side. It may be clogged due to residues left by propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin when burned.

An atomizer is changed every two to three weeks on average, more if you have a High VG e-cigarette liquid. When clogged, the steam is increasingly weak.

It is also possible that your resistance is badly screwed in your clearomiser.

Your e-cigarette crackles

Don’t worry, it’s completely normal! A crackling electronic cigarette is not necessarily a sign of malfunction. The crackling is explained by the rise in temperature of the e-liquid in the clearomiser.

On the other hand, there is a problem if you have liquid leaks or splashes through the chimney.

In this case, it is probably because you have put too much e-liquid in the tank or you are using an unsuitable power for your e-cig.

Your battery is not charging well

Several options are available to you. It may be a matter of poor contact, in this case, clean the thread to remove any small dust that may be lodged there. It could also be a problem with your USB cable.

But it can also come from a problem with your battery.

Over time, it may deteriorate and need to be replaced.

To preserve the battery of an electronic cigarette, remember to empty it and fully charge it. During the charging time, do not vape.

You have a burning taste in your mouth

Say hello to dry hit! Your resistance must surely be changed or your tank filled. This means that the wick is not well soaked in the liquid from your clearomiser.

Choosing the right e-cigarette

To choose your e-cigarette, you must pay attention to three elements: the autonomy of the battery, the overall capacity of the device and its power.

If you are a small vaper, with occasional vapour consumption, you will not need to burden yourself with a large fully loaded vape.

A stick or a pod will be more than enough, with a capacity adapted to your vaping.

We repeat the closer your vaper is to your needs, the better your vape.

Heavy vapers with a huge need for vapour, or who hang on their drip tip all day, will turn more to titans of the vape, such as compact boxes with long autonomy.

To find out what type of vaper you are, look at your usual cigarette consumption.

The more you smoke, the more you will need a high-performance electronic cigarette. Otherwise, it will not hold up, will often run out of battery and will empty of e-liquid too quickly.

So, how to choose an electronic cigarette?

By paying attention to your own vaping needs, but also by finding an ecig that meets your expectations.

Look at the features it has, the type of coils it uses, and the kind of liquid it needs.

How to use an e-cigarette without coughing?

The first time you use an e-cigarette, you may start coughing. It’s normal, the experience with an ecig is very different from that with a cigarette.

To vape without coughing, first, pay attention to your draw. Take long puffs, which last between 3 and 6 seconds at least.

Where with a tobacco cigarette you inhale briefly, with an e-cigarette you have to pull longer to inhale the vapour.

If you continue to cough when you inhale the vapour, it is also perhaps because your hit in the throat is too strong.

The latter is the scraping feeling you get in your throat as you inhale the vapour. It is a reaction greatly influenced by nicotine and which you also find with a classic cigarette.

A hit that is too strong often means that your nicotine dosage is not suitable. To solve this problem, lower your rate by choosing less highly dosed e-liquids. You will see, that you will immediately stop coughing while vaping!

If, on the contrary, it continues, it is undoubtedly the fault of the propylene glycol which tends to dry out the throat. Then increase the amount of vegetable glycerin a little more. The e-liquid DIY is perfect for that.

Can an e-cigarette be used in public places?

Knowing how to properly use an electronic cigarette is not limited to how it works, but also where you are allowed to use it.

If legally the e-cigarette is subject to similar rules as those of the tobacco cigarette, there is still greater flexibility on its side.

Of course, you can use an electronic cigarette in open public places like parks, streets or markets.

On the other hand, you do not have the right to use an e-cigarette in closed public places such as restaurants, the train or even theatres.

As far as your work is concerned, you can only vape if your employer allows you to.

Find an easy-to-use vape

The ideal when looking for a beginner’s electronic cigarette kit is to opt for an easy-to-use vape. You find some for all vapers of all types of consumption.

Sticks and pods are designed to be the most intuitive for the vaper. You find it for a small consumption, but the RPM2 from Smok is, for example, perfect for vaping behemoths.

An easy-to-use vape, there are plenty of them. Get closer to specialized shops for information and do not hesitate to ask for advice.

In general, if you stay on a simple vape and without too much technique (we, therefore, avoid starting with a reconstructable atomizer when you are a novice vaper), all electronic cigarettes are easy to use.

Find a cheap, intuitive, easy-to-use vape and treat your taste buds!

To summarize

How to properly use an electronic cigarette? Here is the summary.

  • Choose an electronic cigarette adapted to your needs and expectations
  • For first use, charge the battery, fill the clearomiser and activate your ecig
  • Remember to properly maintain your vaping device and its accessories
  • Prime each new resistor
  • Use e-liquids adapted to your vape
  • Respect the range of use of your resistance
  • Navigate through the features of your e-cigarette to optimize your vaping
  • Vape with a nicotine level adapted to your consumption so as not to cough