You’ll need:

  • of the base in 0 mg/mL.
  • nicotine boosters, which you will need to add to your base in 0 mg/mL to obtain a nicotine base (the table will allow you to determine the number of boosters according to the desired dosage).
  • aromas that you will add to this base + boosters to give a perfume to your liquid.

There are DIY packs that contain base in 0 mg/mL and boosters.

You choose a nicotine level and all you have to do is pour all the boosters into the base bottle and then add your aroma.

The nicotine base

You are new to making your DIY e-liquid and you do not want to look into all the technical details the first time? Don’t worry, this won’t stop you from getting started and creating your mixes. Anxious to simplify your task, in particular for the design of the nicotine liquid, ABC de la Vape offers you kits that will save you the tedious calculation of the number of boosters necessary for your mixture. This is the solution to make your e-liquid cheap!

Choose your nicotine dosage

Since electronic cigarettes have evolved, it is difficult to advise a nicotine dosage without error.

The material you are going to use will now play a role in your choice of nicotine level.

Indeed, electronic cigarettes operating at high power make it possible to “raise” the effect of nicotine more quickly. The vape will be different.

It should be remembered that a sufficiently high dosage will allow you more easily a good transition to electronic cigarettes. The hit (the clearing of the throat) will be more present with more nicotine (see table “calculating your nicotine dosage).

You can then gradually lower your nicotine level

Making your e-liquid allows you to dose this nicotine level very precisely. This will depend on the volume of boosters you add. This volume is of course adaptable according to your desires and your tastes.

Choose your PG/VG rate

Propylene glycol (PG)

PG is a fluid liquid that will tend to maximize the flavours of your e-liquid. It reinforces the hit but it produces little vapour.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG is a viscous liquid that produces a lot of vapour. It reduces the rendering of flavours and further clogs the resistors.

70PG/30VG is recommended for eGo/Stardust/Kanger T2 type clearomizers.

50PG/50Vg is recommended for all electronic cigarettes.

30PG/70VG or 100VG are recommended for clearomisers with a large arrival of e-liquid.

Aroma and its dosage, what to choose?

Have fun! There are so many references that you will necessarily find the one that is made for you!

You are the only master on board and everything is permitted!

The manufacturers indicate recommended values ​​but you can choose what suits you. Mix your aromas, and create your recipes!

The dosage!

The manufacturers guide us and if an average is often around 5 to 20%, you have to test to find the taste that suits you.

Clues? Fruity and menthol often require a light dosage. Foodies demand more. Your PG/VG level will also influence your dosage. The more VG the liquid contains, the more it will be necessary to dose.

Why DIY?

Making your e-liquid costs less. The 10mL is often around 1 to 2 euros.

You decide the nicotine level, and the flavours you decide to use, you are “the Boss”!

If many start by trying to reproduce a known e-liquid, it quickly becomes fun to create your e-liquid.