Throughout the day, you fill your electronic cigarette with liquid to be able to enjoy your favourite flavours. But be aware that to fully enjoy your gadget, you must maintain it. You must clean it frequently by adopting the right cleaning gestures for many reasons. First of all, if you don’t wash the mouthpiece, you may have health concerns. Exposure to daily pollution, can retain bacteria and cause illness. As for the rest of the device, it is also necessary to carry out regular cleaning to preserve not only its appearance but also to extend its life. Especially because the liquid used for electronic cigarettes is thick and can leave a lot of residues. 

Cleaning the electronic cigarette: how to do it?

Now that you know that you need to clean your electronic cigarette regularly, let’s see how to do it correctly. You will realize that it depends on the electronic cigarette you have chosen.

First, the mouthpiece, also known as the drip tip, should be cleaned every day. To avoid bringing millions of germs that can be pathogenic to your mouth, you must rinse with water or wash with a damp cloth. The cleaning technique depends on the material.

Then it comes down to knowing what kind of cigarette you have to know how to clean it. Indeed, you will not proceed in the same way to clean a one-piece electronic cigarette and a removable model. In the case of a one-piece cigarette, you should not rinse your entire gadget with water. And for good reason, the latter may infiltrate the electrical circuit and cause substantial damage. Thus, you should instead take a cloth and soak it in alcohol. Then, start rubbing the entire outer part of your electronic cigarette to remove any dirt that may have clung to it and at the same time, disinfect your equipment.

If you have a removable cigarette, it is possible to remove the tank. This must also be separated from the battery and all the other parts to be cleaned to clean them individually. First, wipe the reservoir with a rag or cotton swab to remove any liquid residue from it. You can also soak the end of your cotton swab with alcohol for optimal cleaning. You can at the same time pass a tissue on the threads of the tank and the battery. Secondly, for thorough washing of the parts to be cleaned, you can proceed by immersing the parts in a bowl filled with white vinegar and letting them rest there for a few minutes. You can then rinse them with clear water. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of the smell of white vinegar, you can simply dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in water.

When should you clean your electronic cigarette?

The mouthpiece or drip-tip is the part of your electronic cigarette that you must clean every day. This helps prevent germs from building up in that part of the accessory that you take with you wherever you go. As for the rest of the device, it is not mandatory to clean it daily. Nevertheless, it is maintenance not to be neglected and must be carried out once a month. During this cleaning, you can check if the resistance of your accessory is still functional. If not, you cannot clean it. You must replace it.

Cleaning your electronic cigarette: what not to do

To preserve the integrity of your electronic cigarette for as long as possible, you must avoid certain gestures. First, and probably the most important note,  do not wash or rinse the water resistance. This action can quickly cause oxidation of the resistive wire or move the cotton, which would cause multiple inconveniences. You should also avoid letting too much time pass between cleanings, especially if you change the brand, type or flavour of liquid often. All tastes are likely to mix and you will find it difficult to enjoy your vape. Likewise, you should not wait until the threads of the battery and the charger are too dirty with liquid residues to clean them.