To preserve its equipment and to fully appreciate your favourite liquids, it is necessary to think about cleaning it.

Why is it important to clean your ecig?

Knowing how to maintain an electronic cigarette comes down to cleaning it frequently, recharging its battery in the right way, and changing the resistors regularly, all these little things will reduce the risk of malfunction.

An electronic cigarette, talks, indeed the more you maintain your equipment and the more it lasts you in time! Take advantage of a change of resistance to operate a complete cleaning of your vape, you will see that it will not take you more than ten minutes of your time.

Be careful, not all parts of an electronic cigarette are cleaned in the same way. For example, the electric heater and the resistances must not be cleaned with water.

Discover how to clean an electronic cigarette very easily.

The less housework you have to do, the better off you are, right? It is the same with the cleaning of your electronic cigarettes? Good news, we have some tips to share with you to limit your maintenance efforts!

Your tank, the mouthpiece (drip-tip) and more generally the filling systems (clearomizer) are often the most affected by dirt due to the transport of your equipment and e-liquid residues.

Daily, cleaning the Drip-tip

The drip tip is the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette that you put in your mouth when you take a puff.

Frequent cleaning of the drip tip is necessary to maintain impeccable hygiene and therefore a good vape. Dust, dirt and other detritus will settle in the tip. If you do not clean it daily, you will inhale its dirt when you pull the drip tip.

Have you ever felt like you were swallowing e-liquid when you inhale vapour?

This also happens when you neglect the cleaning of the drip tip, the projections are due to a condensation of the vapour. This remains in the drip tip and returns to its liquid state. As a result, when you inhale, you swallow remnants of e-liquid stuck in your mouthpiece despite yourself.

I got into the habit of washing my mouthpiece in the morning after brushing my teeth ^^

You can rinse it with clear water or with a wet wipe or even with a cotton swab if it gets into your drip- tip!

The maintenance of the clearomizer

For vapers using clearomisers (reservoirs with ready-made resistors), I advise you to completely rinse your reservoir with each new resistor.

For vapers using rebuildable material, this will be with each new assembly.

The clearomiser is one of the most important parts of your e-cigarette. It is therefore essential to maintain it well. The advantage is that all its parts are detachable. Unscrew it from the battery to be able to divide it into several parts. Then remove the drip tip, the pyrex tank and the resistance.

If it comes apart, this will allow you to polish it thoroughly! To proceed, you just need to rinse it with lukewarm water. Then be sure to wipe it well so that you don’t leave any traces of water.

Also, take care not to forget to clean the seals! Be careful not to lose them, they are not fixed on some models. (Moisten them with e-liquid before reassembling the elastomers do not like dry assemblies)

Finally, do not hesitate a little touch of a cloth or cotton swab in the air ring (airflows ). The latter is indeed real dust nests.

If you vape with so-called High VG e-liquids, i.e. very fatty and viscous with a high level of vegetable glycerin, you will have to proceed in another way:

You can soak your clearomiser in a bowl with a mixture of hot water, white vinegar and baking soda (only two tablespoons of baking soda are enough). A real bubble bath for your favourite clearo!

Can you clean your e-cigarette coils?

The resistors that are changed cannot be cleaned. They can be wiped if they are too full of liquid, but rinsing them with water can change the placement of the cotton or oxidize the resistive wire, it can no longer work at all or cause you a burnt taste very quickly.

Daily cleaning of all your equipment is not mandatory (except for the drip tip). When chaining multiple liquids with different flavours, more frequent cleaning can make you enjoy the taste of e-liquids more.

Maintaining your box

If you have a box-type electronic model, it will also need regular maintenance to prolong its life. Indeed, dust, as well as other small dirt that comes from your pocket or your bag, interferes in no time in your mod box. Eventually, this leads to malfunctions and a general decline in the capabilities of your device.

To clean your mod, preferably use a damp cloth or a cloth soaked in alcohol to disinfect and clean all the equipment. Pass a stroke over the entire surface of your e-cigarette and insist on the screen if you have one to remove fingerprints and other dirt. Don’t forget your USB port! You can use a cotton swab to go well inside the port and dislodge the dust. If your mod’s USB port is not well maintained, residue can get stuck in it, collect and block charging.

My Pod or my electronic cigarette does not disassemble

Do you have an all-in-one “POD” mod where only the cartridge can be disassembled by detaching from the battery? Cleaning your e-cig will then be slightly different.

To begin, detach the cartridge from the battery. You can then rinse your drip tip with water. You still have to be careful not to wet the rest of the cartridge.

For the rest of the electronic cigarette, preferably use a very slightly moistened handkerchief or tea towel. It is necessary to avoid any entry of water inside the electrical circuit of your mods.

If your pod does not disassemble at all, preferably use a damp cloth or alcohol-soaked cloth to disinfect and clean all hardware. Do not risk getting the battery wet.

We advise you not to use water with one-piece electronic cigarettes whose battery is always very close to the clearomiser.

Take good care of your ecig

If you do not use your electronic cigarette or your clearomiser, empty your tank and clean your equipment. This will prevent you from having bad surprises when you want to vape again with this material.

If you take care to apply all these cleaning tips, you will be surprised to see your vaping experience improve. Indeed, proper maintenance of your electronic cigarette will certainly extend its life.

The majority of problems encountered by vapers are actually due to poor maintenance of their equipment… Say goodbye to leaks, for example! To do this, all you have to do is put these tips into practice!

Happy vaping!