New vapers who are new to electronic cigarettes often prefer cylindrical-type batteries.

They are generally small in size and very easy to use. The adjustment of these electronic cigarette batteries is often limited to a single button. You can turn it on, off or vape. Practice. These models have, despite their apparent simplicity, some special characteristics.

So how to choose your battery for an electronic cigarette? This is already what can differentiate them:

the size (diameter and length): The size of your battery often determines its autonomy. It’s quite easy to understand, the larger the size, the greater the autonomy will be. The length but also the diameter are therefore important.

the type of connection (eGo/510 or just 510*): generic mounting model (510) or proprietary to the brand (eGo for example)

autonomy:  it is expressed in mAh

overall operation: regulated mode or not, the possibility of varying the voltage

Choose your battery to adapt the power of your vape 

Some electronic cigarette batteries send a defined and fixed voltage. Your vape will therefore remain identical from the beginning to the end of the charge of your battery. Reservoirs or clearomisers, however, accept an operating margin.

It is possible to raise or lower the voltage slightly. Thanks to a Vision Spinner 2-type battery, this becomes possible. A knob at the bottom of the battery allows you to vary the voltage delivered (3.2 to 4.8 volts). You will of course have to check that your tank can withstand such tension, but this small adjustment offers very pleasant comfort.

The feeling will offer a more or less strong vape. These batteries also have greater autonomy (1650 mAh). Their format is on the other hand more imposing (in length but also diameter). They remain compatible with tanks with an eGo connection.

Batteries compatible with a 510 connection

If you have a tank with a 510 connection, the choice of batteries will be greater. Many models of all brands exist. The choice will be more aesthetic. These batteries each have different diameters. Naturally, their autonomy will vary according to the manufacturers. Their operation often remains the same. The Innokin Endura battery is available with a range of 1500 or 2000 mAh for example. Its diameter is 20 mm. Its particularity is to light up with only 3 successive clicks.

There are of course 510/eGo adapters to turn any tank with an eGo connection into a tank with a 510 connection

Models of e-cigarette batteries designed for a single type of tank or clearomizer 

This is the case for example of the E-Smart model which will only be provided for E-Smart tanks or clearomizers. It is a fairly old model but which keeps a very loyal clientele. Its size is ridiculous. This is often what attracts amateur vapers to this material. An additional battery will easily increase its autonomy (320 mAh). E-Smarts are naturally intended for small consumers.


The electronic mod is a logical evolution after the purchase of a cylindrical battery. This rectangular-shaped battery offers more functions and more autonomy. It is often equipped with a screen and several adjustment buttons or rechargeable batteries. These electronic mods or boxes are of course less discreet. However, they offer finer settings than simple tubular batteries. They are all equipped with a 510 connection only.

The pods

There are also electronic cigarettes in pod format. Compact in size, these e-cigarettes are often fitted with a so-called “proprietary” cartridge.

Today, there are pods with an integrated battery or pods operating via one or even two batteries. The pod batteries offer many intuitive and intelligent vape modes.

The older generations

The eGo C or eGo T batteries remain very widespread, here is some information explaining their operation and their characteristics.

eGo batteries

The eGo T batteries are the most basic and exist in 650 and 1000 mAh. This figure allows you to measure the autonomy of the battery on board your battery. A 650 mAh battery allows a person smoking about ten cigarettes a day to go through the day without having to recharge. This is why it is advisable to have a greater autonomy or two 650 batteries if you have the habit of smoking more than ten cigarettes a day. The eGo C

battery has these characteristics, but little more, the colour of the LED located on the button that you hold during use will change colour as the battery discharges. A small improvement that will prevent you from leaving home with a discharged battery.

How to use the eGo 

Ego T and  Ego C batteries are fixed voltage batteries. It is not possible to make adjustments to them, regardless of the level of charge, they will provide 3.3V to the resistance, allowing you to always have the same sensations. There is a “deregulated” mode, accessible by holding the battery button for about 5 seconds when it is off. This mode makes it possible to remove the voltage clamp, thus delivering the voltage contained in the battery. To put it simply, when the battery is 100% charged, it will supply around 4V to the resistor. This allows you to produce more vapour, but the consumption of e-liquid will increase, and the life of the resistance will be reduced. Additionally, the power will drop along with the battery life, not delivering as much vapour as when the battery is 100% charged.

You will know that your Ego battery is in regulated mode when the diode is white on the Ego T, and white, sky blue or dark blue, depending on the battery level for the Ego C . When the diode is orange, you are in the deregulated mode, and regardless of the battery, you will no longer have access to the discharge indicator.

How to choose your eGo battery: the eVod replacement 

The famous Joyetech eGo C / eGo T batteries are unfortunately no longer produced. A lot of vapers started with this kind of material and it remains a very emblematic model of the vape. Kangertech has therefore taken over the torch of these types of batteries. These are the eVod batteries which exist in 650 mAh for a very contained size as well as the 1000 mAh eVod model for more autonomy. These electronic cigarette batteries will therefore be compatible with all tanks or clearomizers of the type:

  • stardust
  • ET-S Aspire
  • CE-5 Aspire
  • Kanger T2
  • eVod…

All these clearomizers have the particularity of being around 15 mm in diameter and of having an eGo connection.

Please note these eVod batteries require you to click very quickly 5 times to turn them on/off.

Choose your battery: eVod

Kangertech’s eVod model will replace Joyetech’s eGo model.

3 questions to choose the right battery

Am I a light, medium or heavy smoker?

Light Smoker: 650 mAh battery

Medium Smoker: 1000 mAh battery or more or two 650 mAh batteries Heavy

Smoker: Two 1000 mAh batteries or more

I have a tank with an eGo connection, I want a battery with a very simple operation?

Turn to the eVod battery in 650 or 1000 mAh.

Do I want to “boost” the vapor of my e-cigarette a little from time to time?

If not, eVod battery. If so, Vision Spinner 2 battery

Charging this type of battery 

With these models, it is always preferable to have 2 batteries. This will allow you to continue vaping while recharging the first battery.

These batteries are recharged either by removing the tank and screwing the appropriate charger in place or by a micro-USB socket present on the body of the battery. You can charge them from a USB port on your computer or an AC outlet with a wall adapter. Be aware, however, that the charge will be at least twice as fast on the mains.

All these batteries are protected against short circuits. The smallest does not allow the use of resistors lower than 1 ohm. If your battery flashes and shuts off while it’s still charged, it’s going into safe mode to prevent overheating. To restart a battery safely, you just need to charge it for a few minutes. To avoid another break, check the value of the resistor, if it is lower than 1 ohm, use another tank, if it is higher than 1 ohm, the resistor may be defective, then you will have to change it.