While some people are content with buying pre-made coils, others aspire to take full control of their vaping experience by building their coils.

A good idea here!

Not only does this allow you to customize the specifics of your resistance to suit your preferences, but reaping the rewards of your labour can also be extremely fun and rewarding. But how to build your resistance to electronic cigarettes?

We explain everything to you!

Building an electronic cigarette coil: what are the prerequisites in terms of tools?

To build your custom resistors, you will need a few construction tools. Rest assured, however, that these tools will only cost you a few euros at most. We suggest that you purchase the following items for the construction of your electronic cigarette coil:

  1. A mini diagonal pliers 

This will be used to cut the wires when building your electronic cigarette coil. You will also need a screwdriver if you do not want to buy a complete construction kit.

  1. An electronic cigarette coil construction kit:

Your electronic cigarette coil construction kit will contain all the tools needed to create coils of different diameters. Indeed the base, the winding rods and the covers are essential tools when you plan to manufacture your resistances for electronic cigarettes.

Making your coil for an electronic cigarette: what are the steps?

Step 1: cut the thread

First, you need to cut a piece of wire from your spool. Ideally, it should be between 10 and 15cm long, but beginners can cut it to between 15 and 20cm which will help you adjust the size of the spool later. 

Step 2: wind up your spool

Next, you need to wind the wire to create the coil. What you should use to wind it depends on the tools you have. If you purchased an e-cigarette coil construction kit, you will wrap the wire tightly around your coil sticks. Otherwise, and if you are using more basic tools, you can simply get a screwdriver to help you with this step.

When winding the wire, round it off until you get the number of loops you want, which will help you achieve the ideal resistance. Try to maintain a strong tension as this will help keep the coil tight and firm, which is crucial if you want to build a quality e-cigarette coil. Also, avoid overlapping the coil when winding it, and make sure the ends are pointing in the same direction when you’re done winding it.

Step 3: Install your coil

To install your new coil, detach the tank and carefully insert both ends of the coil, one into the positive slot and the other into the negative slot. Try to keep the coil in the middle and the wires entering the slots as straight as possible and gently tighten the screws.

Step 4: mesh your coil

Cut a piece of cotton and thread it through your resistor, making sure it overlaps each side. Place the cotton under the coil to help it absorb your e-liquid and voila! You have now assembled your electronic cigarette coil, which is ready for immediate use.