5 tips to avoid leaks on your clearomiser

1. Start with a thorough cleaning of your electronic cigarette

The first reflex to have when leaks appear is to clean your clearomiser.

To do so, here are 5 simple steps to follow:

  1. Separate the clearomiser from the battery; 
  2. Unscrew the tank  ;
  3. Remove the resistor;
  4. Clean all the accessories with lukewarm water without forgetting the lower part with the airflow;
  5. Once all the elements are perfectly clean, dry them properly and reassemble the assembly on the battery then carry out the test. 

2. Check the correct assembly of your e-cigarette

If the cleaning was not enough to stop the leaks, then the problem may be with the assembly.

– Check that the resistor is tight.

– Check that the clearomizer is tight to the mod.

If everything is ok, you must also check the condition of the joints at the level of the resistance, the atomizer and the top cap. Indeed, a porous or worn seal will no longer do its job properly and the e-liquid would leak for sure.

3. The proper functioning of the resistance

You have to take care of your resistance. A worn coil can be the cause of your clearomiser leaking. If you haven’t changed your resistance for a fortnight, the leak may be coming from there.

4. An e-liquid unsuitable for your clearomiser

Did you notice that the leaks started when you changed fluids?

Your clearomiser may not support the new liquid you have chosen.

Indeed, the composition of an e-liquid varies enormously and the clearomiser more or less supports a high level of vegetable glycerin.

We advise you to ask your seller to find out which liquid is suitable for your clearomiser.

On the other hand, you must always take care to respect the maximum level of e-liquid that the tank of the clearomizer can contain.

5. The position of your electronic cigarette when vaping

Depending on the model, liquid rises can occur depending on the position in which you vape. 

Keep your vaporizer vertical to avoid any risk of leaks.

If after all these manipulations your clearomiser is still leaking, we advise you to contact your seller and explain the problem encountered because it may be a defect in the equipment.