The clearomizer is a centrepiece of an electronic cigarette. To choose the right clearomiser, you must first understand how it works. Overall, the design and characteristics are specific to each model of clearomizer but the design remains the same. To help you choose your clearomiser, we will explain its composition and operation.

As we told you above, the design of a clearomizer is quite similar from one model to another. Clearomisers have evolved a lot in recent years to bring you a quality of vape close to perfection. But this is not the only criterion to take into account for its purchase. The design, the capacity of the tank, the opening… Discover the composition of a clearomiser.

Mouthpiece: also called drip tip, the mouthpiece allows you to suck up the vapour produced by the clearomiser. In plastic or resin, there are several sizes of more or less large mouthpieces whose diameter can also vary to adapt to each vaper. Depending on the electronic cigarette models, the mouthpiece can be removed to be cleaned. It should be remembered that condensation can form in the mouthpiece and that regular maintenance is recommended.

top-cap: it is neither more nor less the part which makes it possible to fill the tank with its e-liquid when the filling is done from the top. Some top cap models are removable, in particular, to be able to access the resistance. When this part is not removable, the change of resistance is generally done from the bottom of the clearomiser.

Tank: commonly called a tank in vaping jargon, the tank is used to contain the e-liquid. Depending on the models of clearomizer, its composition may vary. Here is a model with a metal part and a pyrex part. However, more and more clearomisers now have a pyrex tube. If it breaks, it is indeed easier to replace it.

Resistance: it is the heart of the clearomiser. It is thanks to this small part that the steam is produced. There are many models of coils to meet different criteria depending on the vapers. Some like to have a hot vapour, others a maximum of vapour or a tight draw. Learn more about electronic cigarette coils.

Base: at the bottom of the clearomiser is the base, the part on which the tank is screwed (or the pyrex tube fits if the tank is made of pyrex). On this basis, we can also find an airflow adjustment ring, also called airflow, to manage the amount of air that arrives in the clearomizer: the weaker the airflow, the tighter the draw. On the contrary, the more the ring is open, the more the draw is important for maximum vapour. Sometimes, the airflow is located on the upper part of a clearomiser but this remains relatively rare.

After installing the resistance, taking care to prime it, and filling the tank with your e-liquid, you can now use your clearomizer. But how does it work? The resistance is made of cotton and a resistive wire. When you press the switch, the cotton soaked in e-liquid is heated by the resistive wire allowing the transformation of e-liquid into vapour. Depending on the type of resistance installed and the airflow setting, you can adjust the air draft and the volume of steam. This is referred to as direct inhalation or indirect inhalation.