The electronic cigarette is a hot electronic vaporization device without combustion. Its operating principle is practically the same for all models of electronic cigarettes.

How is the electronic cigarette made?

The electronic cigarette is composed of 3 parts :

  • A lithium battery
  • An atomizer with a microprocessor
  • A refilled cartridge (with or without nicotine according to the user’s choice)

Depending on its level of charge, the voltage delivered by the battery varies. This usually delivers a current of 3.7V in nominal operation. A fully charged battery delivers 4.2V, and a safety device stops the operation of the battery at around 3V, to avoid excessive discharge of the accumulator which could damage its operation.

Often the user realizes that the battery needs to be recharged when the volume of smoke is no longer so dense. You will also find more detailed information in the user manuals supplied with electronic cigarettes.

On most electronic cigarettes, power is sent via the button located on the cigarette (small luminous button). There are also automatic systems (no manual light buttons). These systems start up as soon as the user breathes in either by using a rubber membrane or with a mini microphone (commonly called an “Air switch”).

The batteries

There are different types of batteries for most models (from 120 mAh to 1100 mAh). It can be noted that the more powerful the battery, the longer it will allow you to vape.

The function of the atomizer is to vaporize, by heating, the e-liquid contained in the cartridge. During suction, the atomizer starts up and mixes the e-liquid contained in the cartridge with the sucked air. This mixed air is then projected to take on the appearance of cigarette smoke. It is also kept at a temperature of 55-60° to get as close as possible to cigarette smoke.

Steam is therefore produced. This vapour, unlike tobacco smoke, does not contain toxic substances contained in conventional cigarettes (tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, etc.). It is also odourless and relatively volatile, depending on the degree of ambient humidity, which allows you to smoke in all places where you are.