Delivery by UK courier is carried out the next day after the manager accepts the order, if the goods are in stock, or on another convenient day. When you buy from UK retailers, the delivery and payment costs do not significantly affect the Heets UK price. Using the electronic payment system, you can pay by credit card.

After sending your order, you will receive an e-mail notification indicating the courier or transport company and the unique number of your shipment.

Delivery time depends on the specific region of the recipient and the courier company that delivers.

Online shopping is quick and easy! In a matter of minutes, you can choose the right thing without leaving your home. And at the same time buy everything cheaply, delivery and payment costs do not significantly affect the Heets UK price. But if you are not “friends” with such a convenient service yet, we will tell you how to make purchases over the Internet safely and profitably …

Where to begin?

Decide what you would like. Following the links, you will certainly find the option you like! Or type a known address in the address bar. Choose your favorite product and proceed to order.

Order and payment

First of all, you will be asked to enter personal data: name, contacts, address to which you deliver the goods. After that, choose a payment method: cash to the courier, using a bank card or virtual money.

Security measures

1. Create a separate bank card for online purchases – open an account and replenish it with not very large amounts. Be sure to enable the instant SMS notification service to monitor the safety of money. So you can control your spending and, if necessary, limit them. In addition, protect all your savings if attackers can get your passwords.

2. The online store to which you intend to send your card number must be secure. Only in this case the delivery and payment costs will not significantly affect the Heets UK price. It will happen if you place an online order in our store. We will secure you the best prices and delivery terms!