Fear and a feeling of disgust

Non-smokers hate being around those ones exhaling tobacco smoke. And it is fairly; everyone knows how dangerous smoke is.


Although smokers know this and choose to start smoking despite all the warning and information provided, non-smokers have chosen not to smoke and that decision should be respected as well. That being said, there’s a tendency for non-smokers to fear cigarettes — or anything similar to them — so much that smokers begin feeling a bit like outsiders, like strangers to the new smoking world.

Just almost every smoker has experienced that feeling, and some electronic cigarette companies take the chance to gain advantage from it. Some even go so far as promoting to use your e-cigarette in public by including “member’s cards” with their products. The idea is simple.

You should simply light up your e-cigarette whenever you want it, and if someone has a problem with it, you’re supposed to hand them your card and say “this isn’t the real smoking, so do not bother me.” Some e-smokers, bitter from years of persecution, have even become aggressive about their public vaping. However, that’s not the best way to rectify the things. We are all people and have to act civilized in any situations and cases.