Although e-cigarettes have achieved some success, many people, including most users, still don’t know how their devices manage to generate vapour for inhalation. However, the operation is very simple, regardless of the brand, all models remain more or less the same, thus working according to the principle of vaporization. In other words, a flavoured liquid (in some cases nicotine) is heated for inhalation.

Electronic cigarette: how does it work?

Electronic cigarette produces vapour. This is its basic principle and what it was designed for. Thanks to a perfect mechanism, it transforms aromatic substances into delicious clouds according to your preferences and tastes.

To put it simply, here is how an electronic cigarette works.

It consists of a battery, directly integrated or in the form of one or more batteries. When you press the switch button of the e-cigarette, this electrical energy is activated. By this simple gesture, you will generate a current which flows towards your clearomiser. This is the top of your in. Inside you can see a small metal cylinder: a resistor.

Electricity arrives at the resistance, heating under the influence of current. It is this heating reaction that will evaporate the liquid in the pyrex tank. Thanks to the Joule effect (the heating reaction) and the magic of technology, vaporization begins to work.

Therefore, the steam rises through the chimney. As you can see, there is a small hole in the centre of the clearomiser.

The vapour then rises and reaches the tip of your e-cigarette, the drip tip. Then, you just have to inhale what enters your lips.

This tiny carousel works in less than a second and allows you to inhale fragrant vapour and at the same time bring you a new sensation. 

What are electronic cigarettes made of?

Electronic cigarettes are a bunch of things that are of no use to you after you take them apart. On the other hand, this bunch of objects are kind of brute force together. The whole mechanism of your e-cig has been carefully designed so that you can breathe hot vapour, and it is loose enough to provide you with a pleasant feeling. Because the vaper’s ultimate goal is to experience and feel new (and refined) emotions.

Your vape has 3 main components:

  • The battery provides useful energy to power your e-cigarette device.
  • clearomizer-contains the entire core of your e-cig: drip tip, resistor, pyrex tank.
  • E-liquid-Without it, your vapour wouldn’t exist.

The battery is to the electronic e-cigarette what a lighter is to a traditional cigarette. Without energy, without fuel, you cannot vape.

The clearomizer is the superior aspect of your e-cigarette. It is a compact and long device. The latter is the heart of the vape. It includes all the elements allowing the production of steam.

E-liquid is the cornerstone of vaping. It is a liquid mainly composed of food flavourings, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. If you want to quit smoking, you can also add nicotine to counter the effects of withdrawal.

How to vape correctly?

To vape properly, you need to equip yourself with good vape accessories. Choose the e-cigarette that suits your consumption, but also meets your expectations in terms of taste and vapour. Also, estimate your vaping preferences. If you prefer to appreciate the aromas of your e-liquids, please choose an e-cigarette with high resistance (greater than 1 ohm) and capable of providing a minimum of watts.

On the contrary, if you want to produce incredible clouds of smoke and vape like a firefighter, favour powerful boxes. If you need suggestions, please consult an electronic cigarette professional. Online and in-store advisors will guide you to achieve your dream e-cigarette. If you are still coughing, check the liquid side of the e-cigarette. Maybe you used the wrong dose of nicotine

Smoking without coughing

Seasoned vapers know you’re coughing when you first pull on the drip tip of your e-cigarette. And for good reason. Electronic cigarettes should not be smoked as cigarettes are smoked For example, you can buy this vaporesso gen s kit. This kit is perfect for beginners and for advanced smokers. To avoid an annoying cough, please stretch longer. On average, the duration of steam suction is between 3 and 4 seconds.

If your tobacco cigarettes have been inhaled for a short time, e-cigarettes should be smoked a bit more draw. If you are still coughing, check the liquid side of the e-cigarette. Maybe you used the wrong dose of nicotine.

When it is too high, it causes irritation coupled with coughing. The impact on the throat (the scratching sensation felt during suction) is too strong. If it is again indicated that nicotine is not a problem, please check the effectiveness. There is no doubt that you have configured your mode incorrectly. The quality of e-cigarettes depends on accuracy. The better you adapt the e-cigarette to your vaping profile, the better you will be able to enjoy this moment rich in vapour and flavours.