Let’s start by defining what aromas are.

The aromas are a concentrated extraction, for example of tobacco or fruit, obtained in propylene glycol. These aromas must then be diluted in a neutral base or vegetable glycerin, depending on the liquid format we want to obtain, to be subsequently inhaled through the electronic cigarette.

They differ mainly in two categories:

ORGANIC AROMAS: they are natural, the extraction of the aroma is not filtered, thus giving our liquid an aroma that is as faithful to its taste as possible, however, going dirty ruins the resistance more quickly.

SYNTHETIC AROMAS: in this case, the extraction of the aroma is obtained in the laboratory, creating aromatic molecules that reproduce the taste, but, unlike the organic ones, extend the life of the resistances.

Organic flavours are recommended on regenerable devices, while synthetics are also suitable for E-Cigs with interchangeable heads. 

There are various types of concentrated flavours, for each, the format of the finished liquid varies and consequently the calculation of the nicotine to be made, if you want to use it.

The most classic is:

10ML aromas: they are concentrated aromas in the quantity of 10ml and must be diluted in the 70/30 base for the lung vape or in the 50/50 base for the cheek vape, obtaining a finished liquid of 100ml.

Each brand of flavourings has a different concentration recommended for preparation, so it is necessary to read the description of the product and follow its indications, to have a finished liquid in the right proportions.

Aromas 20ML or SHOT SERIES: they must be completed only with vegetable glycerin and nicotine (if desired) obtaining a finished liquid of 60ml.