Invented in the United States, nicotine salts correspond to a new form of nicotine which differs from the liquid nicotine found in our conventional e-liquids. This traditional form of nicotine, which is called “base” nicotine, is of course the most widely used. And from afar. But the many benefits of nicotine salts could challenge this ubiquity… What exactly are nicotine salts?


Is it salt? Well, yes…and no. There are many scientific definitions of salts, and they go beyond the white (or perhaps pink or blue!) substance traditionally associated with a “salty” flavour. “. One would have thought that to obtain a liquid with nicotine salts was enough to add a pinch of salt to the nicotine but it is not so. Just know that the notion of “salt” refers in particular to the PH of a substance.

In the case of traditional cigarettes, the PH of inhaled nicotine is between 5 and 6. This is a relatively acid level, different from that of the pure nicotine contained in our liquids for electronic cigarettes, which turns for it rather around 8. This difference, which results in particular in a different sensation in the throat (a lighter hit for example), can discourage some smokers in their attempt to quit smoking, they do not find sensations while completely identical.

Nicotine salts work very differently. These salts form naturally in leaf tobacco and are considered a more stable form of nicotine than the base form. They are extracted by adding certain acids to the traditional nicotine base. They have a PH very close to that of traditional cigarettes and therefore reproduce sensations quite similar to those of a blond cigarette.

It took a lot of research to figure out how to incorporate nicotine salts into e-cigarette liquids. And it will take even more to understand how interesting they can be in the long term. But companies that incorporate nicotine salts into their liquids have already pointed out several potential benefits.


For starters,  nicotine salt liquids seem to give vapers better absorption into the bloodstream than base nicotine, which means a faster passage through the body. Because nicotine salts are in their natural state, the body has an easier time absorbing them quickly and maintaining a longer nicotine fix. With liquids with nicotine salts, your need for nicotine is satisfied more quickly and the craving is less felt. Each vaper has its own opinion on nicotine salts, but liquids with nicotine salts allow you to find sensations close to traditional cigarettes.

However, an increasing number of health professionals are drawing the attention of the general public to the fact that by stimulating the production of nicotinic receptors in the brain, liquids with nicotine salts maintain – or even increase! – nicotine addiction. While with so-called “base” nicotine the number of nicotine receptors gradually decreases until the user can get rid of his addiction to nicotine, nicotine salts would maintain it at a high level… Either the opposite of the desired goal! An element to be carefully considered before choosing this method of weaning.


Misleading, the hit of a liquid with nicotine salts is also much softer than that of liquids containing traditional nicotine base. This means one can vape higher levels of nicotine without it irritating your throat as much. This is why a vaper who is new to the electronic cigarette can turn to liquids with nicotine salts.


If it is often recommended to use a liquid with nicotine salts with resistances whose value is between 1.5 and 2 ohms, the sub-ohm is not contraindicated for all that. However, in sub-ohm, this type of liquid risks diffusing too high a rate of nicotine in your body and can therefore make your head spin slightly… Used with caution, but above all knowingly (they would maintain your addiction to nicotine). nicotine without giving you the chance to gradually reduce your nicotine level), liquids with nicotine salts can constitute a real revolution in the field of smoking cessation. At least to start this one.