E-liquids CandyE-liquids Candy flavors are popular among the younger generation of vapers, the greater part of which grew during the era of the consumer boom in sweets. In addition to the ubiquitous caramel, various popular candies are simulated, for example, Skittles, Pop Rocks and so on. Along with the tastes from the “Breakfast” category, the demand for candy flavors is determined by the desire of smokers to plunge into childhood, which is facilitated by the familiar aroma.

Caramel is essentially a burnt sugar. Caramel flavoring gives sweetness, saturation and pleasant top vape flavors to the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Chocolate in all its varieties (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, truffles, cocoa and so on) is a taste that is loved by almost all people on earth. Unfortunately for vapers, the chocolate flavor is not so easy to reproduce with reference to e-liquid brands. Unlike vanilla, which is advantageously combined with many other wholesale e-juice flavors, chocolate can rarely be successfully combined with something else. A typical complaint about chocolate liquid for electronic cigarettes, it is felt more like a surrogate, and not like real chocolate.

Floral aromas also occupy a special place. Flavors of flowers are very different from edible flavors and often do not suit the beginners. However, quality flavors using natural e-liquid ingredients can be pleasant and subtle.

Most often the aromas of alcoholic beverages are imitated with the help of rum, whiskey, brandy, etc. Also, aromas of drinks with a fruit component, for example, smoothies with mango or lychee, are popular. The variety of vape juice flavors list sometimes strikes. Typically, alcoholic flavors are used as part of a complex mixture; they are able to add spicy notes, even in banal combinations.

We hope that this will help to create a unique vape juice brands list.