E-liquids Boss ReserveFlavors are usually added to the basis of the liquid Рwhether it is glycerin, glycol or their combinations. This allows to infinitely diversifying E-liquids Boss Reserve flavors and olfactory sensations. Companies that have been producing food flavors for decades, with the invention of e-cigarettes, have discovered a completely new market.

There arises a problem: flavors for the food industry are different from those that people inhale. Chemical flavors, safe for human consumption, can be dangerous to inhale even in small amounts. We simply do not have data on the long-term safety of such consumption of flavors.

While scientists are doing research it order to find it out, the range of cheap premium vape juice flavors for e-cigarettes is truly unlimited (and sometimes even unexpected). However, all wholesale e-juice flavors can be divided into main categories:

The category of dessert flavors includes vape juice flavors list of the most common delicacies: baked goods (pies, cakes and pastries) and milk desserts (creams, ice cream and the like). To tell the truth, flavors only remotely resemble the declared products. The liquid “with the taste of apple pie” cannot give you the feeling of a piece of cake in your mouth, and the liquid with the flavorof ice cream is just barely like real ice cream.

Fruit flavors of vape juice brands list follows the dessert ones by popularity. The great advantage of premium fruit juice brands is that they can be reproduced quite accurately, much more accurately than dessert ones.

The flavor of almost every fruit can become the basis for a delicious liquid, no matter whether it is sour or sweet. Combinations of the best e-liquid flavor concentrate from the flavors of two fruits are also common. Moreover, fruit flavors are often combined with dessert, for example, creating the flavor of a blueberry cheesecake. Desserts and fruits perfectly complement each other.

Tobacco tastes. Many novice vapers resort to e-cigarettes to stop smoking tobacco, so they choose liquids with e-liquid nicotine. Most often these flavors are synthetic and produced in laboratories, however, the tobacco flavor can also be obtained from natural tobacco by the same principle as fruit extracts.

Candy flavors are popular among the younger generation of vapers, the majority of which grew during the era of the consumer boom in sweets that began in the eighties.