The composition of the liquid for e-cigarettes includes the following e-liquid ingredients:
Vegetable Glycerine is a must-have ingredient; is necessary for the formation of vapor.
Propylene glycol is an optional component; it acts as a solvent for the remaining components, which gives fluidity to the liquid and enhances the e-liquid properties; along with nicotine, it is involved in creating the effect of the “throat hit” effect.
Aromatizer is a solvent; Adds extra flavors and additional fluidity to the liquid.

E-liquid nicotine is an optional component of e-liquid brands for e-cigarettes, acts as an effective means to prevent new attempts to smoke ordinary cigarettes instead of e-cigarettes.

The viscosity (“density”) of the liquid plays an important role. The more there is glycerin in it, the denser the liquid becomes. Therefore cheap premium vape juice with a high content of glycerol is not used in evaporators with a weak supply of liquid, since the wick will not have time to get wet, which will lead to overheating of the spiral.
It should be taken into account that the amount of nicotine in one puff depends on the power supplied to the evaporator. The more power is supplied, the more vapor is generated and, accordingly, more nicotine is produced in one portion of the best e-liquid flavor concentrate.

The liquid for e-cigarettes can be made at home by simply mixing and infusing the necessary ingredients found in the e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale. This is the so-called vape flavors diy method. This makes it possible to control the purity of the ingredients used and to regulate the content of nicotine and flavor additives. This is a great advantage as one can achieve the best results in vaping, create new alternatives and enjoy the process. We think, everyone would agree that is a new step in development of e- cigarettes.