Sometimes, some customers are surprised to see the colour of their e-liquid change, whether in the e-liquid bottle or directly in the clearomizer.

The liquid, which was originally transparent in colour, begins to turn yellow or even turn brown over time.

Is this normal? Is there a health risk? Should you deny your e-liquid?

We are going to review the different causes that can explain this colour change.

Nicotine colours e-liquids

This is a completely normal chemical reaction. Over time, nicotine colours e-liquids. This colour usually takes on a yellow to orange tint. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do. The higher the nicotine level, the darker the colour of the e-cigarette liquid will be. E -liquids without nicotine (0 mg/ml) will retain their original transparent colour, except for e-liquids whose flavours are naturally coloured.

 Avoid leaving your e-liquid bottles and your e-cigarette in the sun (including near windows in a home). Nicotine and aromas do not tolerate UV exposure very well and tend to darken when this is the case (oxidation phenomenon). This phenomenon can occur very quickly, in barely 24 hours…

The same colour change reaction occurs if your e-liquids are stored or exposed to heat. Do not store your e-liquids in your trouser pockets or near heat sources (radiator, kitchen, fireplace, etc.). Always store your e-liquids in a place protected from natural light and at room temperature

Poor cleaning of your clearomizer and your resistance

The cotton present inside your coils can also be responsible for the colour change of your e-liquid. Indeed, after a few fillings, it retains traces of the aromas of your e-liquids. To solve this problem, nothing could be simpler! It is enough to change its resistance regularly with new resistance. This is a step that we recommend performing every 2 to 3 weeks maximum. 

However, certain ranges of e-liquid and in particular the “greedy” ones tend to foul the cotton .faster than other ranges. It will therefore be necessary to change your electronic cigarette resistance more frequently if you vape this type of e-liquid.

Also, be sure to clean all the parts of your clearomizer well when changing the resistance. Indeed, some impurities and residues may remain in your clearomiser despite the change in electronic cigarette resistance. Do a complete disassembly of your clearomiser / atomiser and clean them with lukewarm water before drying (with a paper towel) or with the ultrasonic cleaner and reassemble all the elements.

Is an e-liquid that has changed colour dangerous to health?

As we have seen, there are many reasons for a sudden colour change in your e-liquid. Be aware, however, that this colour change is not dangerous to health and does not alter the taste qualities of your e-liquids.