In the process of quitting smoking, you have just entered the world of vaping. If your beginnings confuse you, don’t worry, we are here to guide and support you. The Vape Blog Editor gives you some advice on how to choose the electronic cigarette best suited to your needs. Yes, the world of vaping can be quite complex. Because each vaper has a profile and therefore a different need, we are going to present the different types of electronic cigarettes to you.

How do choose the electronic cigarette adapted to its use?

In the family of vapers, I would like. Not easy to decide. We are going to explain the four different types of electronic cigarettes that exist. All have their characteristics. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose to meet your needs. But then how to choose the perfect electronic cigarette? 

The Pod electronic cigarette: a convenient model

The Pod vape or Pod Mod is an electronic cigarette choice that beginners can turn to. Indeed, this model is characterized by several key points. Simple to use and intuitive, the pod has more than one string to its bow to seduce you. This model stands out thanks to its economic advantage and its ability to transmit the sensations of a classic cigarette. The Pod vaper also stands out thanks to its cartridges which act as a reservoir. Disposable, reusable pre-filled cartridges, the choice is yours! 

To sum up, the advantages of this model are the simplicity of use, the discretion of the model, the low consumption of e-liquid as well as the compatibility with e-liquids stronger in nicotine. Notable drawbacks are the short battery life of the smaller models as well as low power. In addition, each vaper has its cartridge model. 

The Tube or stick e-cig: an interesting choice of electronic cigarette for beginners 

Tube e-cigarettes are rechargeable e-cigarettes, usually cylindrical but with low technical complexity. No control screen, few buttons. The technicality is restricted here for great ease of use. But the product is refillable and the e-liquid tank is a decent size. This family of products includes the ego AIO, the eGo One, the Endura T18 and the PockeX.

The Electronic Cigarette Box or Electronic Mod  

 Mods are modular e-cigarettes, mainly rectangular (hence the name Mod Box) although there are also cylindrical ones. They have a screen indicating all the useful information for the vape, and several adjustment buttons and they are designed to be compatible with most atomizers.

Electronic mods are secure to protect the battery and the user.

If your choice of electronic cigarette is on this model, be aware that there are two types of electronic mod: integrated battery or replaceable battery (to be charged in an external charger).

  • The advantage of the replaceable battery is the quick change of the battery when the battery is discharged and also the power it can develop. Almost all mods over a hundred watts run on a replaceable battery. The disadvantage is its weight and the size required to accommodate the battery(IES).
  • The advantage of the integrated batteries is the simplicity of recharging, the weight and the size. The downside: the built-in batteries have a fixed lifespan (approximately one year). As soon as the battery can no longer be recharged, the entire mod must be discarded. 

Meca Mods: the experts’  choice of electronic cigarette

There are also mechanical mods, which are more for experts. In the hands of the uninitiated, it is a dangerous device because it does not include any security.