The famous Drip Tip is very noticeable when absent, but unnoticed when present, yet it turns out to be a mystery for many vapers. But then, how to choose it? How to maintain this little mouthpiece, which we tend to forget.

What is the drip tip?

The drip tip may seem completely harmless, but know that it can be chosen according to your type of vape. The drip tip is the tip of your e-cigarette. This is the part you bring to your mouth to vape. There are different models, classics, long ones, flat ones, wide ones, colourful ones, of various sizes… To perfectly meet your expectations.

The Drip Tip can be made of various components, resin, stainless steel, acrylic, titanium, Teflon, polymer Delrin… You will necessarily find the one that suits you.

In reality, indeed, the majority of vapers are not very interested in the DripTip. As a general rule, we tend to take it with the gear sold. We do not necessarily think of equipping ourselves with another, except for enthusiasts who choose it meticulously.

However, be aware that the Drip Tip allows you infinite customization by changing colour for example. In addition, depending on the raw material used in the manufacture of the Drip Tip, the component can bring you several advantages.

It can help promote softer contact with the mouth, minimize liquid adhesion, or even provide thermal insulation in contact with the lips. The advantages are multiple, it thus makes it possible to bring more comfort to use and it is for this reason that more and more vapers are interested in their Drip-Tips.

Each has its properties

The drip tip is the tip that brings you vapour and flavour. The basic function is the same for all and yet on the market, you will find an astronomical choice. It can allow you to change the sensations of vaping much more than we think. If you have lost, broken or just want to change its aesthetics, ask yourself the right questions.

There are two main categories of drip tips:

Properties 510 Login 810 connection
Cut Small: About 9mm Wide: About 12mm
Steam Fine Dense
Type of vape Indirect inhalation Direct inhalation
Render Good flavour rendering Steam generation

If you have purchased a Drip-tip that is not compatible with your atomizer you can either remove or add a suitable joint so that it can adapt.

What material for his drip tip?

There are no real rules, this choice must be made according to the sensation you want on the lips, aesthetics and the desired result.

Avoid stainless steel, which is the one that conducts the most heat, this material is more suitable for a cold vapour. Teflon is probably the most insulating material, Delrin, or Ultem. Resin and pyrex are very frequently used materials for comfort in the mouth and insulation.

Which form of drip tip to choose?

We reference different forms of drip-tip that will allow you to increase the desired sensations:

  • Flat spout: for a tight pull that adapts perfectly to the lips.
  • Long neck: long and elongated for a tight pull.
  • Cylindrical: more or less wide for a tight and aerial vape.
  • Wide-bore: wide for a very airy vapour rendering.

Short or long drip-tip?

The length of your Drip-tip can have an impact on the temperature of the vapour. Indeed, the longer it is, the more the path allows the vapour to be cooled, while the short drip tip will preserve the temperature of the vapour.

Note that with a long drip tip, the risk of condensation is greater, so expect to receive a few droplets in the mouth.

How to maintain your drip tip?

Where does dirt come from?

The Drip Tip is a component in permanent contact with your mouth, dirt and bacteria can settle there quickly. With the heat produced during vaping, contact with mucous membranes, dust, saliva and humidity tend to dry out, which creates dirt visible to the naked eye. If, for example, you leave your e-cigarette at the bottom of your pocket or your bag, dirt can lodge inside the Drip Tip. The material of your Drip Tip and the colour accentuate the visibility to the eye.

And yet when your Drip Tip is dirty it’s horrible, you notice it almost instantly and clean it immediately. But external cleaning is not enough, dust, dirt of all kinds, and dried liquids are all dirt present inside our Drip Tip. Indeed, it seems important to bring a meticulous cleaning inside your Drip Tip. Indeed, let’s not forget that by vaping the vapour goes to our lungs, so a healthy vapour passes through a Drip Tip at the top.

How to clean your Drip Tip?

It is clear that we are not all Cracra and we clean our Drip Tip internally, passing a piece of absorbent paper through the Drip Tip. But make no mistake, this cleaning is not effective because the dust is still present and the interior walls of your drip tip are not well cleaned.

We advise you for optimal cleaning to wash your drip tip with water and dishwashing liquid or soap. Rub the interior walls with a small brush, then rinse thoroughly with clear water. Finally, dry with a cloth to limit fibres and dust. Your Drip Tip is now flawless. Cleaning frequency should ideally be daily but do it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, good Vape to all!