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For beginners, we present a few facts why it is preferable to choose e-cigarettes: When vaping electronic cigarettes, a vaper receives the usual dose of e-liquid nicotine, but no tar or a large amount of harmful substances (more than 4,000 types) do not enter the body.

The complete absence of the combustion process causes fire safety.
Your clothes and hands no longer smell of nicotine excreta.
The vaper of electronic cigarettes does not require an ashtray.
The environment does not suffer from an unpleasant odor; there is no effect of passive smoking.
An e-cigarette can be vaped in a bus, airplane, train and other places where smoking was usually prohibited.

Your hands and nails do not get a characteristic yellow color.
The e-cigarette completely satisfies the need for nicotine.
An e-cigarette produces evaporation instead of smoke during smoking.
For those who want to quit smoking, an e-cigarette has significant advantages over nicotine patches, chewing gum and other medications used as an alternative to smoking.