Today we will tell you about one of the largest producers of e-liquid brands for electronic cigarettes in the US, namely Simply Vapour.

Let us start, as always, with a short story about the history of the company’s creation and development.

Simply Vapour is a company founded in 2011 in Minnesota. Their business can be called as a family one, as it is led by the mother and daughter, Susan and Christine Sindt. It all began from the moment when Christine had come to vaping and discovered that some tastes bring her a great pleasure.

So the decision was born to create their own e-liquid flavors, for which the girl attracted her mother, who had good experience in scientific work.The duet shared the results with the common friend Brad Hill, who at that time was engaged in cooking. Initially, cheap premium vape juice was distributed among friends and acquaintances, but the business quickly expanded, and now Simply Vapour provides products to more than 90 stores in the west of the United States.The name of the company is chosen for good reason, the creators believe that the liquid for electronic cigarettes should be as simple as possible without excessive consumption of various e-liquid ingredients.

Probably for this reason, the company has so many diverse top vape flavors. We will not tell you about all at once, we selected several best e-juice brands from the Premium Blend collection that interested us the most.

APPLE PIE Á LA MODE that has already become for many a usual mix of apple pie with French vanilla ice cream. We personally especially liked it as a dessert.

BANANAS FOSTER is a mixture of lifting mood. Fresh bananas mixed with vanilla ice cream, brown sugar added, and filled it all with Jamaican rum and banana liqueur.

KIWI BERRY is an unusual mix for me. Sweet strawberries try to compete with sour kiwi. The receptors will be confused.

MAD MELON is a liquid that will remind you of the summer. Thanks to this mix, you can finally understand what you like best: a watermelon or a melon.

PEANUT BUTTER PARFAIT is a favorite product of Americans, namely peanut butter is the main and only ingredient in this liquid.

ORANGE DREAM is a sweet orange juice, covered with cream and added vanilla ice cream. Well, how can we prevent ourselves from trying it?

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